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SingHealth Communities of Care

Across our three medical campuses – SGH, CGH and SKH – we have adopted a one SingHealth, multi-site approach that allows us to leverage the capabilities of our respective institutions and customise programmes according to the unique needs of each region.

There are two key prongs to our population health approach. The first prong is to develop next-generation primary care that adopts a multi-disciplinary approach to extend and integrate care beyond the hospital or clinic. The key providers, such as the primary care providers, community nurses, care coordinators and community partners, can be activated based on patients' needs. The second prong is about health promotion – Health Up! encourages residents to adopt a healthier lifestyle through a personalised care plan, and by creating a health promoting environment with the help of partners like SportSG and the Health Promotion Board.

At the same time, we offer services organised around the 15 precincts to help residents to keep well, get well and live well.