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SingHealth Healthier SG Teams

SingHealth has reorganised our community care teams into Healthier SG (HSG) Teams to better support our residents' care needs in the community. The multi-disciplinary SingHealth HSG Teams comprise Community Nurses and Wellbeing Coordinators, who work closely with the Primary Care Providers and Community Partners to provide place-based integrated care to our residents and empower them to achieve their health goals.

SingHealth HSG Teams can support our residents in the following areas: 

​ONE Healthier SG Team

​Key Roles and Expectations of HSG teams:

Primary Care Providers: HSG-registered clinics/ polyclinics who care for your health

Community Nurses: Support your health needs and chronic care management

Wellbeing Coordinators: Support your wellbeing and connect you with social care providers

Social Partners: Engage you on social and lifestyle activities

To find a Community Health Post near you, click here.