Pre-Conference Workshops

The S3 Conference 2019 will feature a series of full-day and half-day Pre-Conference workshops that explore a range of healthcare simulation-focused skills training on 2223 October 2019.

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22 October 2019

Optimising Learning with Task Trainers (OLTT)
22 Oct 2019 (Tues) | 8.30am – 3.00pm | Academia

Speakers: Adj Assoc Prof Caroline Ong and Dr Chong Shin Yuet

This workshop introduces educational frameworks of skills development and best practice methods to incorporate simulation with task-trainers into skills development. During this active learning workshop, participants will engage with simulated learners and practice curriculum design. 

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Basic Point-Of-Care Ultrasound Workshop
22 Oct 2019 (Tues) | 8.30am – 3.00pm | Academia

Speakers: Dr Chan Kim Poh

This workshop covers the basic principles and practice of ultrasound for clinical scenarios. These skills are neither specifically covered during medical school nor are there frequent opportunities for these skills to be demonstrated and practiced. Thus, there is a need to provide an environment where such techniques and skills can be learned through a structured curriculum.

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Implementing An Interprofessional In Situ Protected Code Blue Resuscitation Simulation Programme
22 Oct 2019 (Tues) | 8.30am – 4.30pm | Academia

Speakers: Dr Jansen Koh, Dr Roshni Sadashiv Gokhale, Ms Mashithah Binte Mansor, Ms Wang Xiqin, Ms Sim Aishah Binte Mohammed, Ms Ameera Sapiee, Ms Leylane Anselmo, Ms Nurul Hadainah Binte Muhamad Suhaimi

Effectively managing patients with deadly airborne respiratory diseases presents a challenge to the healthcare team, as there are currently no clear policies on performing effective resuscitation for such patients without compromising the safety of the healthcare team. This workshop aims to equip simulation educators with the tools to plan, design and implement an interprofessional in situ simulation training for managing such patients.

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Moulage: Pre-Made Wounds
22 Oct 2019 (Tues) | 9.00am – 3.00pm | Academia

Speakers: Ms Kirrian Steer, Mr Nick Brauer

Moulage provides visual cues to learners and helps to improve the level of realism in a scenario. However, the application of moulage can be costly in terms of time and materials. By learning how to create re-usable wounds, participants can reduce the time and costs required for moulage in their scenarios. In this workshop participants will sculpt a wound, make a negative-impression mould of the wound and then cast a re-usable silicone wound in the mould. Participants will also create re-usable wounds using gel-based products.

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Professional Communication Training in Healthcare: Communicating Effectively to Reduce Friction
22 Oct 2019 (Tues) | 9.00am – 5.00pm | Academia

Speakers: Dr Mark Weinert

Communication training in medicine has emerged as an important area of focus in recent years. The benefits of strong individual and team communication on patient safety have been made evident in research literature. Using a scientifically-validated model for improving communication helps to increase patient safety, as well as to reduce errors, emergencies and unproductive behavior. Communication underpins teamwork, leadership and decision-making in both our professional and personal lives. Yet, it is not often covered in formal training and coaching sessions.

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23 October 2019

Advanced Point-of-Care Ultrasound Workshop
23 Oct 2019 (Wed) | 7.30am – 12.30pm | Academia

Speakers: Dr Chan Kim Poh, Dr Ang Shiang Hu, Dr Faraz Zarisfi, Dr Tan Wei Ching

This workshop covers advanced principles and practice of ultrasound for clinical scenarios, taught by faculty from the various sub-specialties, each with a wide range of knowledge and experience in teaching ultrasound techniques.

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Difficult Debriefing Situations
23 Oct 2019 (Wed) | 8.00am – 12.00pm | Academia

Speakers: Dr Gabriel B. ReedyDr David Grant, Dr Stefan Gisin

Even for experienced debriefers, there are moments during a simulation debriefing that may be difficult to deal with. When the debriefing conversation becomes a difficult one and affect the learning environment, what can you do and how should you respond to it? This experiential workshop will help participants identify common difficulties faced in debriefing situations, and explore ways to deal with them. Through coaching by expert debriefers and facilitators, participants will have hands-on experience working in small groups, to refine and practice their debriefing skills.

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Simulating "Patient-at-Work" to Understand Workload
23 Oct 2019 (Wed) | 8.00am – 12.00pm | Academia

Speakers: Dr Yin Shanqing

Caring for yourself or a loved-one during a time of illness can be a daunting experience. The care journey prescribed to patients often fails to consider the challenges patients face beyond professional care. This workshop will cover methods to assess and optimise the work that patients and families must do to fully recover from serious health events and how healthcare professionals can help them become more motivated and productive. Through interactive practice and deep-dive sessions, we will explore effective human factors methods used to study people in the workplace, and collaboratively redesign approaches which you can take back and apply to your patients and their support system.

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