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FAQs for Clinic Queue Update

Clinic Queue Update FAQs

Clinic Queue Update (or Mobile Registration) e-service allows you to register for your same day appointments, get a queue number, and monitor clinic queues (how many patients are ahead of you) via the Health Buddy app on your mobile phone.

Note: You will receive an SMS on the day of your appointment inviting you to register through Health Buddy.

Mobile registration begins at 6.45am for appointments from 7.30am to 9.30pm.

Please ensure that you mobile register before your appointment time as mobile registration will be unavailable after your appointment time. Kindly approach the counter staff if you have missed the mobile registration period.

Note: SingHealth Polyclinic patients can only mobile register 2 hours before appointment time.

Yes. The clinic queue is updated every 5 mins. You may click the update button to refresh the queue status whenever you like.

We seek your understanding that there may be emergency cases that may require immediate attention as well.

Please ensure that you mobile register before your appointment time.

Clinic Queue Update allows you to manage your clinic arrival time and reduce waiting time at the clinic. After mobile registering your appointment, you can monitor the current queue and arrive when there are fewer patients before you.

Note: Please factor in time to complete assessments / tests (if required), before your doctor’s appointment.

Please cancel your appointment by clicking the ‘Reschedule/Cancel Your Appt’ button. This will allow us to give the available time slot to another patient who may need it.

No, patients will see the doctor according to the order of scheduled appointments. Mobile registration does not give you priority over other scheduled appointments before you.