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Medicines Order Service

Have your medicines all packed and ready for you to cut your queue/wait time at the Pharmacy. Better yet, opt for FREE DELIVERY to your home!*

*Terms & conditions apply. To enjoy medicines delivery, the pharmacy will need to keep your original prescription. 

How To Order?

Step 1: Place your original prescription with the Pharmacy at your next visit.

Step 2: To order your medicines, please ensure that you:

  1. Are an existing SingHealth patient who has received consultation at our Specialist Outpatient Clinics, National Specialty Centres or Polyclinics
  2. Are requesting for medicines which you have taken before
  3. Have your prescription and/or medicine label handy (you will need to take photos of these)
Click here to make an online medicine top-up request

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Medicines Order Service FAQs

​This is an e-service on our Health Buddy app which enables you to order medicines from your prescription. To do this, you must deposit your original prescription issued by a SingHealth institution with the same institution’s pharmacy.

This service is available for SingHealth’s patients:

  • who have a valid and original prescription and
  • have balance supply of uncollected prescribed medicines

No. For clinical safety, we are only able to process requests for patients under our care, whose medical records we have access to.


  1. You will receive an acknowledgement email.

  2. Your request will be directed to the respective pharmacy or clinic*.  (*If you do not have a valid prescription, your request will be sent to the clinic, for your doctor to approve your medicines request.)

  3. We will contact you within three (3) working days to confirm availability of medicines, pricing, payment and delivery/collection details. In addition, we seek your understanding that an additional 3 working days are required for our clinic staff to check through medical case notes and verify with our doctors if the medicines can be dispensed.

  4. Please bring along your original prescription if you are collecting medicines from the pharmacy. We will not be able to dispense the medicines without sighting your original prescription.

  5. Home delivery is an option only if your original prescription is held by our Pharmacy.


Medicines Delivery Service FAQs

For your clinical safety, all original prescriptions have to be sighted by our pharmacists. Hence, home delivery# would not be an option for you, if you are holding on to the original prescription. However, you can still submit a request via this form and opt for self-collection at the pharmacy. Your medicines will be packed in advance, cutting your wait time in the pharmacy.

#For Medicines Delivery, the medicines to be delivered is subject to review as some medicines is not suitable for delivery.

There are certain drugs such as controlled drugs, such as morphine, that cannot be delivered and must be collected at the pharmacy. Our pharmacy staff will contact you if any of your requested medicines cannot be delivered. You will have to come down to the pharmacy to collect the medicines.

We deliver to all addresses within Singapore, except Jurong Island checkpoint, Jurong Island, Sentosa Island and Pulau Ubin.

Unfortunately, we are unable to deliver overseas due to import restrictions on pharmaceutical products.

We deliver on weekdays and Saturdays#. After a request is received, our pharmacy staff/ delivery partner will contact you to confirm a convenient delivery date and time. Additional charges may be applicable for specific time requests.

There are no deliveries on Sundays, public holidays and on the eve of the following major public holidays – Christmas, New Year and Chinese New Year.

#Please check with your institution pharmacy to see if Saturday delivery is available.

The delivery is free.

If you missed the pre-scheduled delivery, you will be contacted for a repeat delivery to be scheduled.

As the delivery service is outsourced to a validated delivery partner, a charge of $8 will apply for each repeat delivery attempt.

The preferred payment mode is Mobile Pay. You can access Mobile Pay online or from the Health Buddy app. For other payment options, please check with the respective pharmacy.

For online payment, there will not be any official receipt issued.

Upon receiving your request, our pharmacy staff will contact you to confirm your order. Upon confirmation, your medicines will be delivered to your preferred delivery point within 3 working days after payment is received.

If you urgently need your prescription filled, it is best that you personally collect your medicines at the pharmacy with your valid and original prescription.

An original, valid prescription from your doctor together with a duly completed form are needed for the pharmacy to process and arrange for the medicines to be delivered to you. Incomplete submissions or ambiguous orders will not be processed for medicines delivery service.

Yes, you can order your medicines over the phone if you have balance supply of uncollected medicines with the valid prescription. Please note that the original prescription and the completed form need to be presented to the pharmacy for first time processing. The prescription must be submitted to the pharmacy before ordering the required medicines over the phone.

You can contact our friendly pharmacy staff during working hours to find out more.

Singapore General Hospital
+65 6326 6969
Changi General Hospital
+65 6936 5104
+65 6936 5105
Sengkang General Hospital
+65 6930 2268
KK Women's and Children's Hospital
+65 6394 1500
+65 6394 1501
National Cancer Centre Singapore +65 6243 7232
+65 6243 7234

National Heart Centre Singapore +65 6704 8032
Singapore National Eye Centre +65 6322 8880
SingHealth Polyclinic -
+65 6350 7978
SingHealth Polyclinic -
Bukit Merah
+65 6350 7419
SingHealth Polyclinic -
+65 6372 6872
SingHealth Polyclinic -
Marine Parade
+65 6350 7311
SingHealth Polyclinic -
+65 6340 7425
SingHealth Polyclinic -
Pasir Ris
+65 6350 7327
SingHealth Polyclinic -
+65 6718 2084
SingHealth Polyclinic -
+65 6350 7368
SingHealth Polyclinic -
+65 6587 8604
SingHealth Polyclinic -
Tampines North
+65 6340 6224

Collection at SingHealth Polyclinics' PILBox FAQs

​The Prescription In Locker Box (PILBOX) service allows you to collect your medicine refills round the clock at your convenience. SingHealth Polyclinics' 24-hour PILBoxes are currently available at these SingHealth Polyclinics: SHP-Bedok, SHP-Marine Parade, SHP-Sengkang, SHP-Punggol and SHP-Tampines.

All SingHealth patients can collect their medicines from SingHealth institutions at the 24/7 PILBOX locker stations at SingHealth Polyclinics – Bedok, Marine Parade, Sengkang, Tampines and Punggol.

An SMS notification will be sent to you once the medicines have been delivered to your selected PILBOX.

If the medicines are not picked up within 36 hours from PILBOX, it will be sent back to the pharmacy of the original SingHealth institution. Patients can arrange for a second delivery (which will be charged) or visit the institution's pharmacy to collect it.

Yes. PILBOXes at the different locations have different size permutations. Please refer to individual institutions for more details.