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Share Document FAQs



This new Health Buddy function allows selected patients to receive documents from SingHealth* staff for related patient’s visit/admissions.

*Only applicable to SGH, CGH, KKH, SKH, NCCS, NDCS, NHCS, SNEC and SHP.
Patient/Caregiver/dependant(s) must have activated Personal Notifications on Health Buddy to use this function.

If you’re a caregiver, it’s advisable to reply/submit documents on one device phone. All your submissions will not be reflected if you are logging in/viewing from another device. 

Upon clicking the document card from selected institution from SingHealth, please ensure you read the instructions.

Please ensure that you download the document once. In case you download the document multiple times, please use the latest download file to fill in the required information and attach the correct edited file for submission. 

For documents that requires patient’s reply, you can attach up to 10 files (png, jpg, pdf). Each attachment’s maximum size is 5mb.

Once you have replied SingHealth’s document card, you are able to edit/resubmit your submission up to 23:59 on the same day of submission.

You may view your past documents submission records up to 6 months only. There is no expiry to your downloaded documents in your Health Buddy ‘E-services Downloads’ folder. 
SingHealth Health Buddy “Share Document” is a secure way to receive your documents from Institution. There is no risk of lost mail, or misplacing documents at home. 

SingHealth staff can send you the documents for related clinic visit / ward admission’s document/forms and communicate with you directly regarding these documents.

Note: Hospital may send documents that do not require patient’s reply thus the reply button on Health Buddy will not be enabled for any 2-way communication. 

If you are a caregiver, both you and the patient (your dependant) will receive the documents on your own handphones respectively. You may track/view saved documents in your Health Buddy’s ‘E-services Downloads’ folder.

You can easily organize how you would like to view your documents by sorting ‘Date’, ‘Clinic Visit/Admission Date’ or ‘Institution’.

You can use this function to share documents with Family/Friends/Insurance agent and ensure that the required documents are accurately filled before replying to Institution.
Yes, you will need to login via Singpass to view your new or past documents submission records.
Institution’s staff will carefully verify these documents before creating a request in the backend portal. 

Your documents will be validated by your NRIC and clinic visit/ward admission reference number data from our systems before it’s sent to you securely. 
For experienced Health Buddy users, upon Singpass login you will receive an updated badge count on the ‘Share Document’ icon once you click ‘See All’ services on Health Buddy’s Home Screen. The badge count indicates the total number of new & unread documents for Caregiver and Dependants.

Manage My Dependants

Yes, you can. Once you have login via Singpass you can easily view, download and submit documents by tapping the ‘Switch’ icon.
To receive notifications for your dependant’s new documents, please ensure you have activated your dependant’s notification link through