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Mr Erich D. Brauer (Also known as Nick)


Department of Centre for Healthcare Improvement in Patient Simulation,

The University of Tennessee Health Science Center - CHIPS, USA

Mr Nick Brauer started his professional career at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center (UTHSC) after earning a Bachelor of Science degree with a focus in biology and chemistry. From 2000–2009 he managed a state of the art research lab; and he played an integral role in the development of neurobiology research. In 2009, the health sciences field led him to a new opportunity in healthcare simulation. The rapidly growing field of healthcare simulation combined with the University's desire to keep up, opened the sim tech door for him, which has allowed him to employ previously untapped skills and competencies. He served as the Assistant Director for Interprofessional Education and Clinical Simulation. As the Assistant Director of Clinical Simulation, Mr Brauer coordinated the operations of an emerging comprehensive simulation program at UTHSC, serving the needs of its professional programs and local area practice partners. He works with faculty and staff across UTHSC, particularly on the Memphis campus, in securing and facilitating the use of a wide range of simulation technologies to enrich the training of students, residents and other healthcare providers. 

In 2018, the university opened a 45,000 square foot simulation facility dedicated to simulation activities. Mr Brauer played an integral role in making this facility come to fruition. He currently serves on the operations team at CHIPS working with students, faculty and many community practice partners. 

Mr Brauer currently serves as Vice President for SimGHOSTS; a non-profit organisation dedicated to supporting individuals and institutions operating medical simulation technology and spaces through: hands-on training events, online resources, and professional development.          

Speaker's Session:

Basic Moulage for Simulationists
Date: 23 October 2019 (Wed)  | Time: 1500 - 1630 | Location: Academia, Level 2, Whitespace

Moulage on a Budget
Date: 24 October 2019 (Thu)  | Time: 1000 - 1130 | Location: Academia, Level 2, Whitespace

Scenario Programming with Laerdal SimDesigner
Date: 24 October 2019 (Thu)  | Time: 1310 - 1450 | Location: Academia, Level 2, L2-S2

Understanding How To Organise, Build and Maintain a Strong Simulation Center Staff – Lessons From The Operations and Directors’ Perspective
Date: 24 October 2019 (Thu)  | Time: 1510 - 1640 | Location: Academia, Level 2, L2-T1

Setting Up For Success: The Importance of Orientation and Prebriefing
Date: 25 October 2019 (Fri)  |Time: 1320 - 1450 | Location: Academia, Level 2, PSL 2

A Clinical Guide For Healthcare Simulation Technology Specialists
Date: 25 October 2019 (Fri)  |Time: 1500 - 16630 | Location: Academia, Level 2, L2-T1


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