Conference Recordings

Missed the S3 Conference in 2019? You may now view the recordings for the Keynote Lectures and Expert Panel below.

Keynote Lectures

  • Day One: Keynote Lecture on "Learning by Design, Not Chance: Approaches in Healthcare Simulation to Foster Innovation and Adaptability" by Dr David John Grant

    here to view recording.

  • Day Two: Keynote Lecture on "Impediments in the Successful Implementation of New Medical Technology" by Prof Bernard F. Morrey

    here to view recording.

  • Day Three: Keynote Lecture on "Hybrid Simulation: Transforming Healthcare Simluation Through 'Mixing and Matching'" by Prof Fatimah Lateef

    Click here to view recording.

  • Day Three: Keynote Lecture on "Using Simulation to Translate Complex Theorectical Concepts into Practice in Healthcare Education: The Past, Present, and Futuret, Innovation, and Integration" by Assoc Prof Patrea Andersen

    here to view recording.

Expert Panel

  • Day One: Expert Panel on"How Immersive Media Technology is Changing the Education Landscape" 

    Click here to view recording (Part A).
    Click here to view recording (Part B).

  • Day TwoExpert Panel on "Quality Assurance of High Quality Simulation Delivery" 

    Click here to view recording.