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Information on ESTHER Coaches' Workshop 2022

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​Training Dates:​22 April, 29 April, 13 May and 20 May 2022 (9am – 12.30pm)
​Project Development Meetings:​Aug and Oct 2022 (Dates to be confirmed)
​Graduation Ceremony:​July 2023 (Dates to be confirmed)
​Training Modality:​Online via Zoom
​Course Fee: ​$250

Workshop Overview

At the end of the course, trainees are expected to lead a team of health and/or community care providers to develop and implement a person-centred quality improvement project in their organisation. Trainees are given six to nine months, after a 4-day workshop, to implement their respective improvement project.

HODs in participating institutions are required to function as project sponsors to guide and support trainees in their project implementation journey. Project teams are also required to attend and present at two project development meetings. These meetings facilitate sharing of project ideas and learnings, as well as to receive feedback from the programme faculty and service users.

The course will culminate in a showcase of project posters during the graduation ceremony. Shortlisted projects will be showcase as oral presentations.

This training programme will equip trainees to:

  • Adopt a dialogue-based and solution-focused approach in improvement work

  • Utilize a goal-focused development and improvement approach

  • Integrate and build on their personal and shared experiences

  • Utilize and share newly acquired knowledge with their improvement teams

  • Support process development and collaboration among different stakeholders


Participants should possess these pre-requisites:

  • Passionate about improvement and positive change

  • Have direct patient/client contact in their area of work

  • Currently a team leader and/or are in leadership positions

  • Willing to work across departments and divisions

  • Have attended the EPIC/Quality Improvement Training. *ESTHER Coaches would have to attend EPIC training on 4th May 2022 if they do not have prior EPIC/Quality Improvement training.

  • Preferably with experience in Quality Improvement projects 

**Participants should be nominated by HOD to attend this workshop. HOD is required to be listed as the project sponsor. Successful applicants of ESTHER Coach workshop will receive a confirmation email by the first week of April. 

Registration for 2022 ESTHER Coaches' Workshop is now closed. Thank you for your interest. Please keep a look out for the 2023 run. 

For enquiries, please contact any of the following colleagues:

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