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ESTHER Cafes & Coaches

What is an ESTHER Café?

ESTHER café creates a safe and welcoming environment where Esthers and various care providers can meet and exchange ideas as equals. 

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In this café, Esthers are encouraged and feel safe to share their good and bad care experiences.  This is a crucial factor in maintaining the ESTHER model.  ESTHER coaches learn how to organise an ESTHER Café at the coach workshop.

Who are ESTHER Coaches?

ESTHER coaches are recruited from among the staff working closest to Esthers. They are the 'eyes and ears' of Esthers and are trained to coach fellow care providers to constantly improve the work they do.

In their training as ESTHER coaches, social and health care providers conduct a journey mapping of their Esthers, shadowing them as they navigate the systems, as well as interviewing them on the pain points and what matters most in their care experience. The feedback collected from Esthers will then be processed with the coaches and consolidated into themes.

These themes guide the solutioning phase where coaches work together to derive tools to measure what matters to Esther on a larger scale, before they work on person-centred improvement projects that aim to benefit Esthers' overall well-being.

Please click here for more information on the ESTHER Coaches' Workshop.

Hear what past ESTHER Coaches say

Hear two of our ESTHER Coaches, Dr Jeffrey Tuan and Eunice Gwendoline Chua reflect on their journeys.