Keynote Lecture​​

Hybrid Simulation: Transforming Healthcare Simulation Through "Mixing and Matching"

Speaker: Prof Fatimah Lateef 
Date: 1​ November 201​7 (Wed)  | Time: 1410 - 1455 | LocationAcademia, Level 1, Auditorium

Under the umbrella of simulation today, we have a larger repertoire of choices in our educational journey and outreach to improve learners’ clinical decision-making when caring for patients. These provide a platform for us to evolve healthcare simulation from its traditional, uni-modality mode, to more complex, high-fidelity, integrated and engaging multi-modality techniques. 

This keynote lecture will give an overview on hybrid simulation, an approach which utilises at least 2 different simulation modalities, with proper alignment, coordination and interfacing between the modules. The main objectives for using hybrid simulation include: 

  1. To facilitate the acquisition of knowledge and skills through the best combination of methodologies; 
  2. To improve clinical performance at all levels of care; 
  3. To motivate and inspire learners in their educational continuum and 
  4. To provide a rich, exciting and stimulating learning platform and environment to trigger deep learning and understanding. 

During the lecture, examples and case studies utilising hybrid simulation in transforming healthcare simulation will also be discussed.


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