Faculty Development & Debriefing

An Introductory Hands-On Workshop for Hydrocortisone & Lignocaine (H&L) Injection and Ultrasound Guided Therapeutics

Speakers: A/Prof Mark E. Morrey, Prof Tay Boon Keng, Dr Woo Yew Lok and A/Prof Joyce Koh
Date: 23 October 2019 (Wed)  | Time: 1500 - 1630 Location: Academia, Level B1, PSL 1

H&L injection is an effective outpatient procedure in treating various musculoskeletal conditions. This course teaches Residents to proper techniques for safe H&L injections in common anatomical sites, and the use of ultrasound to guide therapeutic procedures via an interactive, hands-on platform.

Learning Objectives:
  1. To understand the anatomy for common musculoskeletal conditions that are amenable to H&L injection;
  2. To learn appropriate techniques of injecting H&L into common anatomical sites;
  3. To experience the use of ultrasound in guiding therapeutic injections.

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