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Health Screening in the East

Health screening in Eastern Singapore is conducted by Changi General Hospital under the Eastern Community Health Outreach (ECHO) Programme.

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The Eastern Community Health Outreach (ECHO) is a community-based, chronic disease prevention programme which includes screening for chronic diseases such as hypertension, high cholesterol, diabetes and lifestyle intervention programmes.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Singapore Citizens staying in the East
  • Aged 40 years old and above
  • No existing chronic diseases (diabetes, high blood pressure, high blood cholesterol)
  • Have not been screened for chronic diseases in the past 3 years (Click here to check your eligibility)

To screen for Screening Test



Height and Weight Measurement

Body Mass Index (BMI) Calculation

High Blood Pressure

Blood Pressure Measurement


Non Fasting Blood Glucose

High Blood Cholesterol

Non Fasting  Lipids*
Lifestyle habitsLifestyle Questionnaire


Results Collection and Follow Up

Your screening results will be mailed out to you within 2 weeks after your screening date. Any changes to collection details will be made known to you when you attend the screening.

If you have been given a GP referral letter, you are strongly encouraged to see your doctor for further assessment and management.

If you have received your screening results and are not sure how to interpret them, we are here to help!

Click on the button below to check out our guide on understanding your health report.