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Keeping the Eastern population healthy

​As we strengthen care delivery in the community, it is important that we proactively engage and encourage Singaporeans who are well, to take charge of their health by adopting healthy lifestyles.  SingHealth also works closely with community and grassroots organisations to conduct health screening for residents, and provide follow up care to those who need it.

Starting young

The Millennia Kids Programme run by Sengkang General Hospital promotes healthy living to primary school students in the Northeast.

Health screening

Health screening helps you find out if you have or are at-risk of developing chronic conditions, which could lead to more serious health issues. 

War on diabetes

The SingHealth approach to the national War on Diabetes is whole-of-life and focused on prevention. 

functional screening             

Functional Screening

Functional screening helps to identify age-related decline in vision, hearing and oral health. 

frailty screening

Frailty Screening

This tests for balance, flexibility, power and cardio-respiratory endurance in seniors aged 55 and above.
乐龄中心内设社区护理站 助多种慢性病年长者求诊
Regional Health System

乐龄中心内设社区护理站 助多种慢性病年长者求诊

06 Apr 2018 | Lianhe Zaobao
​Two Schemes to Help More Seniors Stay Out of Hospital
Regional Health System

​Two Schemes to Help More Seniors Stay Out of Hospital

11 Jan 2018 | The Straits Times