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Frequently Asked Questions



You may register your interest here:
If you have trouble filling out the form, contact us at or 90357850 (office hours only) and we will provide assistance.

You will be eligible to participate if you are: 50 years old or above, and living in East / North-East / Central / South Singapore.
No, you do not have to pay to participate in the EASE project.

Yes, you may recommend our project to your family and friends. All who are 50 years old or above and living in East / North-East / Central / South Singapore can register their interest via the registration form

During registration, you would have selected your preferred site for the in-person meeting. We will send you a text message via WhatsApp / SMS at the mobile number that you have provided during registration and arrange for an in-person meeting at your selected site. During this meeting, we will explain the project in detail and obtain your consent before collecting any data from you.

You will need to finish:

  • one in-person meeting (approximately 60–90 minutes)
  • 14-day travel logging (using a mobile phone app or a paper travel diary)

Your participation in this study will add to current knowledge of seniors' activity and travel patterns and the related environmental, health and social barriers and facilitators to travel behaviours.

We will not reimburse any specific expenses. However, you will receive a personalized physical assessment report and FairPrice vouchers as a form of compensation for your time spent in the study.

  • After completing the tasks at the in-person meeting, you will receive a token sum in FairPrice vouchers.
  • After completing the 14-day travel log, you will receive another token sum in FairPrice vouchers. You will also receive a personalized report of the physical performance tests carried out at the in-person meeting.
Your participation is completely voluntary. You are free to withdraw your consent and discontinue your participation in the study at any time, without prejudice to you or effect on your medical care from SingHealth. If you decide to stop taking part in this study, please inform us in writing ( or 90357850). However, please note that we will not be able to issue the compensations for the corresponding tasks (in-person meeting and/or 14-day travel log) if they are incomplete.

Data Handling

We will collect data on your physical performance, your travel patterns, and the related health, environment, and social factors.

We place paramount importance on the protection of your data and information. To protect your confidentiality, only a unique code number will be used to identify data from you. All data and information will be managed in accordance with the guidelines stated in SingHealth Data Protection Policy (refer to for more details).

In-person Meeting

The in-person meeting will be held at Our Tampines Hub, Rivervale Community Club, or Kallang Community Club. You may choose your preferred location while filling out the registration form.

During the on-site meeting, our staff will explain the project to you in detail. With your informed consent, we will walk you through a series of tasks. This includes:

  • Undergoing a battery of non-invasive biometric measurements and functional tests to gauge your general strength, upper limb strength, lower limb/core strength, power, balance, and endurance
  • Answering a questionnaire pertaining to health, environment and social factors related to life space
  • Setting up a travel logging method (mobile app / paper travel diary)

    The session may take approximately 60–90 minutes.
We recommend that you dress comfortably as you will need to perform some light activities for the physical assessments.

You may view the available seats left in each session by clicking on the coloured circle in the booking calendar. By default, each session has three vacant seats. Sessions with seats taken would be labelled "Partially booked," followed by a number which indicates the number of seats that have been taken. For example, "(1/3)" would mean 1 seat has been booked and there are 2 seats available for booking.

Should you have any trouble booking a timeslot, please contact us at or 90357850 (office hours only) and we will provide assistance.

Yes. Please contact us at or 90357850 (office hours only) if you need to shift your appointment. Each person may only hold one booking.

14-day Travel Log

We will be monitoring your travel patterns with a mobile application on your smartphone. We will assist with the setup of this app during the in-person meeting. Alternatively, we will provide you with a paper travel diary if you are unable to use the app.

You need not make any change to your lifestyle while logging your travels through the 14 days. Please go about your activities as you would always do. We aim primarily to measure your life space and the associated environmental, health and social factors.

If your mobility is affected, please contact us at or 90357850 (office hours only). We will work out details on a case-to-case basis.