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Programme and Health Systems Evaluation

CPHRI has supported programme evaluation at various stages of a programme's life cycle. Findings are used to help us make decisions about the design, improvement, and continuation of a programme.

Programmes that we have evaluated include:

RHS Care ModelsExamples of Programmes
Preventive Care
  • Targeted Outreach for P5 Community Health Screening events
  • Tele-Dentistry supported Oral Care programme for Seniors (T-DOCS)
  • Health Up!
Care Intervention
  • Community Nursing Post
  • Empowered Communities of Care (ECoC) in the Southeast Region
  • FunctionAl strength BUiLding of Older personS (FABULOS) Programme
Right Siting
  • GPFirst
  • Developing Community Palliative Care in the East – Violet Home Programme
  • Right-siting stable Glaucoma and Retina patients in the Community with remote review by doctor – partnering with polyclinics
Transitional Care
  • Hospital to Home
Chronic Disease Management
  • Primary Care Network
  • Empowering Heart Failure patients in the community
  • Empower and enable residents with hypertension to self-manage more effectively in the community via remote Vital Signs Monitoring (VSM)
Social Health Integration
  • ESTHER Network Singapore
  • Social Prescribing at SingHealth Community Hospitals and SingHealth Polyclinics
  • Tri-Generational HomeCare (TriGen)

With the announcement of Healthier SG initiatives, CPHRI has been leading the evaluation of these critical healthcare transformations for the SingHealth cluster through:

  • Developing an evaluation framework for the overall Healthier SG initiative
  • Identifying key programmes which contribute the Healthier SG outcomes and impact, and developing evaluation frameworks for these programmes which can in turn be mapped to the respective outputs/outcomes in Healthier SG
  • Evaluating the national and cluster level programmes, such as Primary Care Enrolment and One Rehab.
  • Supporting the cluster in 6-monthly updates to MOH.