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ESTHER Festival - Best Poster Contest

ESTHER Festival 2020 marks the graduation of 51 ESTHER Coaches from the social and health sectors who have committed fully to co-producing care in empowering service users and caregivers. They have identified health and social care needs of Esthers and worked on solutions to address these needs, presented in the posters below. Click the title to view the posters (PDF).

A Best Poster Voting Contest was conducted and the winning posters are in bold.  Heartiest congratulations to the winners and the graduands!


          Theme: Accessibility

  1. "I'm a Confident Esther"
  2. Collaborative Community Virtual Pain Clinic for mobility impaired to enhance access to care and quality of pain management for improved outcomes & reduced admissions
  3. Partnering COmmunity Nurses & Pharmacists in MEDication Management in the Community (COMED)
  4. Increasing Readiness to Employment for Stroke Survivors

  5. Theme: Empowerment

  6. To increase awareness level of ESTHERs in fall management at home from 22% to 50% within 6 months
  7. Improving Geriatric and Special Care Dental ESTHERs' confidence level in managing their oral health
  8. Empowering ESTHERs in self- management of COPD in the community with the use of a COPD ePlan
  9. "Pills-on-time" kit: Empower Parkinson's Disease Patients in Managing Medication at Out of Home Setting
  10. Empowering Esthers to Self-Monitor their Health in the Community
  11. Improving ESTHER's satisfaction level from 16% to 70% in their special interest group so as to give meaning and fulfilment in their lives over 6 months
  12. "Help me remain and cope at home, please."
  13. Increasing the Acceptance Rate of Elderly ESTHERs using Walking Aids to Reduce Falls
  14. A Qualitative Study of ESTHERs Confidence Level in Caring for Seniors
  15. To Build ESTHERs' Capability from 70% to 90% in 6 months
  16. Increasing ESTHERs' Confidence in Managing Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) at Home

  17. Theme: Experience of Care

  18. Improving Patient Wayfinding in the Geriatric and Special Care Dentistry Clinic at National Dental Centre Singapore
  19. Empowering Improvement in Participation Collectively
  20. Empowering ESTHERs in the Community Hospital – Patient Goal Card

  21. Theme: Living in the Community

  22. Giving OTAGO a GO


Click here to download the ESTHER Year Book 2020, featuring articles on "New ways of connecting with Socially isolated seniors" by Montfort Care, Hospital-to-Home Programme nurses and their Esthers.

If you are inspired by the projects and would like to learn more about person-centred care, join us in our next ESTHER Workshop. Please contact us at for more information.