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Corneal Transplant Journey


Types of Transplant

There are several types of corneal transplant procedures that are performed at SNEC. The standard corneal transplantation technique is a Penetrating Keratoplasty (PK) or a full-thickness corneal grafting procedure. Apart from PK, SNEC also performs newer and more advanced forms of corneal transplant called Lamellar Keratoplasty (LK), which is now replacing the need for PK surgery, where only the diseased portions of the cornea are removed and replaced, preserving more healthy corneal tissues.

For more information about the different types of corneal transplant surgery techniques, click here.

Preparing for a Transplant

International Patient Services The International Patient Service (IPS) team in SNEC provides a wide spectrum of services to patients from overseas and their family members such as; Appointments and Referrals, Accommodation, Transportation Assistance, Concierge Services.

Transplant Procedure

A corneal transplant is a surgical procedure that involves replacing the cloudy or scarred cornea with a donor cornea to restore vision. It can be an effective means of restoring vision when it is impaired by corneal disorders like infections, corneal injuries and degenerative diseases. There are several techniques in transplant surgery. For more information about corneal transplant at the Singapore National Eye Bank, please click here.

Life after Transplant / FAQs

Patients are counseled on how to take care of their eye after a corneal transplant. for more information, please click here.


1. Where does the cornea come from and how long does it take to get one?

- All corneas transplanted at SNEC are of excellent quality and procured by the SEB. SEB gets corneas from local donors in Singapore, as well as from internationally accredited eye banks in the United States of America and other international eye banks around the world.


2. Is there a waiting list in Singapore, and can non-Singaporeans get corneas from the Singapore Eye Bank (SEB)?

- The patient usually has to wait a few weeks to receive a donor cornea. SEB also provides corneas for non-Singaporeans undergoing corneal transplants in Singapore.


3. How do I donate my corneas?

- To find more about becoming an organ/tissue donor, please click here.