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SingHealth Duke-NUS Cell Therapy Centre

The Centre organises educational programmes such as the monthly Cell Therapy Lecture Series, bimonthly External Speaker Seminar Series and annual Cell Therapy Conference to equip medical professionals with knowledge of the use of cellular therapies in clinical trials and services.

SDCT will also be organising other educational programmes such as:

  • DLBCL Exchange Forum: To build up a network between Singapore and South East Asia countries to improve the treatment and disease management of r/r DLBCL
  • DLBCL Preceptorship Programme: To share knowledge and experiences in the diagnosis, treatment and management of r/r DLBCL with the treating physicians in South East Asia
  • Cell Therapy Tutorial: To educate & equip nurses, pharmacists and lab staffs with knowledge of the use of cellular therapies in clinical trials and services
  • GP forum: To educate GPs on the landscape of cell therapy in cancer and regenerative medicine, and the myths and truths of cell therapy
  • Public forum: To promote awareness of CTGT clinical services, including the institutions that provide such services, and to provide up-to-date information to patients and families
  • Multidisciplinary forum: To educate Accident & Emergency, palliative and supportive care teams (e.g., social workers) on complications related to cell therapies, to improve patient outcomes and keep clinical partners updated and involved in these outcomes
  • Patient support group: To provide a platform for cell therapy patients to share their journey with others and receive emotional and moral support

To know more about SDCT’s educational programmes, or join the mailing list, please email to