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Thyroid Nodules

Thyroid Nodules - How to prevent?

Thyroid Nodules - Causes and Risk Factors

​What causes thyroid nodules?

Most thyroid nodules are a result of the overgrowths of normal thyroid tissues, fluid-containing cysts or the slow growth of benign tumours (adenomas). 

While only a small percentage of these nodules are cancerous, the risk of thyroid cancer is higher for patients who have had a history of radiation to the head and neck for other medical conditions. Individuals who have a family history of thyroid cancer may be at risk as well.

What causes multinodular goitres?

Perhaps one of the more common causes of multinodular goitres is iodine deficiency. 

That being said, studies have also shown that multinodular goitres may still develop in people who have enough iodine. 

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