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Pancreatic Tumours

Pancreatic Tumours - What it is

pancreatic tumours conditions & treatments

The pancreas is a deep seated organ in the abdomen which lies horizontally from the right to left, just below the liver. The pancreas is divided into four parts, namely the head, neck, body and tail. Pancreatic tumours include those that are solid in nature, and those that have a large fluid component (cystic tumour of the pancreas). The most common solid pancreatic tumour is a cancer of the lining of the pancreatic ducts known as adenocarcinoma of the pancreas. The next most common type of solid tumour arises from cells in the pancreas which are known as neuroendocrine cells, hence they are known as pancreatic neuroendocrine tumours (PNET).

Pancreatic Tumours - How to prevent?

Pancreatic Tumours - Causes and Risk Factors

Pancreatic Tumours - Preparing for surgery

Pancreatic Tumours - Post-surgery care

Pancreatic Tumours - Other Information

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