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Lead Extraction

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Lead Extraction - Post-surgery care

What can I expect immediately after a new lead is implanted?
You will return from the Electrophysiology Laboratory with pressure dressing over the site of the AICD implant. If you have any pain, please inform your nurse so you can be given enough painkillers.

You will stay overnight in the hospital and usually will be able to go home the day after the device is implanted.

What tests will be done after the procedure?
A chest x-ray will be done after the device implant to check your lungs as well as the position of the device and lead(s).

The following day, an Electrophysiology Technician will confirm your AICD and leads are working properly; this is done on the ward, from outside the body. 

If there are no problems, you can expect to be discharged the following day.

You will be given outpatient appointment for device check and monitoring. 

Lead Extraction - Other Information

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