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Lead Extraction

Lead Extraction - Symptoms

Lead Extraction - How to prevent?

Lead Extraction - Causes and Risk Factors

Risk Factors
The complications could arise from:

a) Infection: When a patient develops an infection of the pacemaker or ICD device, the leads* and the pacemaker or ICD must be completely removed to cure the infection. 

b) Damage: Sometimes it is discovered that the leads no longer provide reliable connections to the heart. When this happens, the damaged leads need to be replaced, but there may not be enough room in the veins to allow more leads to be added. This necessitates the removal of the damaged leads. However, leads may sometimes be replaced without removing the damaged leads. These damaged leads, however, may send electrical signals that interfere with the pacemaker or ICD

c) Blockage: Damaged leads that have not been previously removed sometimes block veins entering the heart. In such cases, the damaged leads must be removed in order to allow access to the heart.

Lead Extraction - Diagnosis

Lead Extraction - Treatments

Lead Extraction - Other Information

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