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Fever in the returned traveller

Fever in the returned traveller - Symptoms

Fever may develop during or after the travel period. Febrile illnesses may be accompanied by other clinical symptoms such as cough, breathlessness, diarrhoea and/or rashes. Depending on the travel destination and activities participated in (e.g. animal exposure, outdoor exposure, healthcare facility exposure), the exact cause of the fever may vary. 

Malaria is an important condition to exclude in persons presenting with fever during or after the trip, especially for travellers who have visited malaria endemic areas in recent months. In this group of travellers, they are advised to seek medical early, given that malaria can be rapidly progressive and potentially fatal if untreated. 

Fever in the returned traveller - Preparing for surgery

Fever in the returned traveller - Post-surgery care

Fever in the returned traveller - Other Information

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