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Fever in the returned traveller

Fever in the returned traveller - What it is

Global travel has increased. With the ease of travelling, there has been a huge increase in the number of people going abroad. Also, more people are travelling for volunteer work and to more exotic destinations. 

The most common problem encountered during travelling is road traffic accidents. However up to 50% of travellers may develop a health problem during or after their trip; these are often related to the traveller’s underlying medical condition. Infections make up only a small proportion of the illness occurring amongst travellers. 

Fever after travel is a common scenario, and is often a clue to an infectious process which may have occurred during the travel. It may also be the only symptom of a serious or life threatening infection such as malaria. 

In regard to evaluating fever in the returned traveller, the initial focus would be to identify infections that are rapidly progressive, treatable or transmissible. 

Fever in the returned traveller - Preparing for surgery

Fever in the returned traveller - Post-surgery care

Fever in the returned traveller - Other Information

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