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Assistant Professor 

Associate Director, Regional Simulation and Training Center,
Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center (TTUHSC), El Paso, Texas, USA

Dr Scott Crawford is an Assistant Professor at the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center (TTUHSC) and an Emergency Medicine physician at the University Medical Center in El Paso. He also serves as Associate Director for the Regional Simulation and Training Center at TTUHSC and was elected President of SimGHOSTS in 2015. He completed his Emergency Medicine Residency at Texas Tech in 2012. Dr Crawford earned his Bachelor's degree in physics from Colorado College in 2004 and his M.D. from Rush University in Chicago in 2009. He has designed and installed computer-enhanced classrooms and teaching tools since 1999.


Dr Crawford used his experience in simulation as a learner to assist with scenario and simulation design. He has worked to expand and customise his center's networking, audio/video, debriefing, and learner assessment systems. Dr Crawford also designs custom task trainers and tools for use in simulation education. His work at the Regional Simulation and Training Center in El Paso provides immersive interprofessional simulation experiences for nursing students, medical students, Resident physicians, and community health providers in the region. He is also an instructor for the Advanced Hazmat Life Support (AHLS), Trauma Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) and TeamSTEPPS courses.


Dr Crawford would like to use his knowledge and experience to help further the integration and function of simulation technology, and improve its efficacy for education and teaching.Healthcare.

Speaker's Sessions:

Date: 1​ November 201​7 (Wed)  | Time: ​1500 - 1630 LocationAcademia, Level 2, L2-T2

Audio Equipment and Implementation for Simulation

Date: 2​ November 201​7 (Thu)  | Time: 1400 - 1530 LocationAcademia, Level 2, L2-T1

Overview of Debriefing and Simulation Learning Theory

Date: 2​ November 201​7 (Thu)  | Time: 1600 - 1730 LocationAcademia, Level 1, L1-S3

Simulation Technology and Operations - Insight, Innovation, and Integration

Date: 3​ November 201​7 (Fri)  | Time: 1135 - 1220 LocationAcademia, Level 1, Auditorium

From High Fidelity to High Feedback - What is the Affordance?

Date: 3​ November 201​7 (Fri)  | Time: 1500 - 1630 LocationAcademia, Level 2, L2-T1

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