Pre-Conference & Post-Conference Workshops

The S3 Conference 2017 will gather leading simulation experts from around the world to run in-depth medical simulation workshops. The S3 Conference 2017 features
 full-day and half-day workshops that explore a range of medical simulation-focused skills training. ​​​

Pre-Conference Workshops: 31 October - 1 November 2017

Full-day Workshop

MOULAGE: The Art of Creating Simulated Wounds​ (FULL)​​

31 October 2017 | 8.30am - 4.30pm | Level 2, Academia | Facilitator: Ms Nola Pearce​

About the workshop: Join us for a day of hands-on learning, which will introduce you to the art and science of moulage. Used to add realism to simulation scenarios for medical, nursing, paramedical and emergency services training, ​this workshop will guide participants on methods to produce a variety of ​realistic wounds for medical simulation training.

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Full-day Workshop

OBStetric Skills Training for Emergency Teams (OBSTET)​

31 October 2017 | 8.30am - 5.30pm | Level 2, Academia | Facilitator: Dr Tan Eng Loy, Dr Tan Lay Kok, A/Prof Devendra S/O Kanagalingam, Dr Lim Shau Khng Jason, Dr Lim Liqing Serene, Dr Yang Liying,
NC Kang Yuling, ANC Neo Ah Hoe.

About the workshop: OBSTET (OBStetric Skills Training for Emergency Teams) is a multi-professional training package designed by an experienced team of obstetricians actively involved in the instruction of obstetric emergencies and simulation. The workshop covers the management of a range of obstetrics emergency situations likely to be encountered by medical teams in the emergency department setting. 

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Full-day Train-The-Trainer Workshop

Implementing an Interprofessional In situ Protected Code Blue Resuscitation Simulation Programme (FULL)​​

31 October 2017 | 8.30am - 4.30pm | Level 2, Academia | Facilitator: ​Dr Jansen Koh, Dr Roshni Sadashiv Gohkale, NC Mashithah Binte Mansor, NC Suraya Abdullah, SN Ameera Sapiee, Ms Leylane Anselmo,
Ms Nurul Hadainah Binte Muhamad Suhaimi

About the workshop: There are currently no clear policies on performing effective resuscitation for deteriorating patients with deadly airborne respiratory diseases​, without compromising the safety of the healthcare team. This workshop aims to equip simulation educators with the tools to plan, design and implement interprofessional in situ simulation training for managing such patients.

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Half-day Train-The-Trainer Workshop

Reflection Levels in Debriefing (FULL)

1 November 2017 | 8.30am - 11.30am | Level 2, Academia | Facilitator: Dr Peter Dieckmann, Dr Elaine Tan, Dr Thng Shin Ying​

About the workshop: Debriefing is said to stimulate reflection after simulation. Studies show, however, that, when measured, there is less reflection than expected in many cases. Research points to the need to match the level of reflection to the concrete learning goals of a session. This workshop introduces participants to a published framework that measures reflection levels in debriefings and provides opportunity for application during the session. 

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Post-Conference Workshop: 4 November 2017

Full-day​​ Train-The-Trainer Workshop

Optimising Learning with Task Trainers (FULL)

4 November 2017 | 8.30am - 3.00pm | Level 2, Academia | Facilitator: Prof Debra Nestel, Adj Assoc Prof Caroline Ong, Dr Tan Eng Loy​

About the workshop: Medical simulation improves patient safety as it allows for learning and practice away from the patient, so task trainers are often used to aid skills development. Task trainers may be used to teach basic skills or more advanced surgical skills. This workshop will explore implementing effective teaching methods using task trainers in a well-designed curriculum. ​

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