Conference Recordings

Missed the S3 Conference in 2017? You may now view the recordings for the Keynote Lectures and Expert Panel below.

Keynote Lectures

  • Day One: Keynote Lecture on "Handling Variation is a Good Thing — The Learning From Success Approach to Simulation" by Dr Peter Dieckmann

    Click here to view recording.

  • Day Two: Keynote Lecture on "Digital Disruption in Healthcare Training" by Mr Bruce Liang

    here to view recording.

  • Day Three: Keynote Lecture on "High Performance Teams, Transformational Learning Environment" by Assoc Prof Fatimah Lateef

    Click here to view recording.

  • Day Three: Keynote Lecture on "Simulation Technology and Operations - Insight, Innovation, and Integration" by Asst Prof Scott B. Crawford

    here to view recording.

Expert Panel

  • Day One: Expert Panel on "Human Factors in Safety and Risk Management"

    Click here to view recording.