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Stories from the war against COVID-19 #StrongerTogether

James Diano

“Some visitors were upset when we first changed our visitor policy..."

Evelyn Wong

“I would be lying if I say I have no fear...”

Umarul Naim Bin Bacok

“We are cleaning the escalator hand rails, lift buttons and other public areas even more times than usual."

Teng Chai Lian

“We worked through the Chinese New Year public holidays to ensure that we are well prepared with resources, manpower and equipment to respond swiftly.

Koh Sim Moy

"How are you feeling today?" "Are you comfortable staying here?" "Have you been in touch with any of your family members?" "Is there anything you need for your stay?"

Rosnita Bte Ismail

“I am part of the dedicated team at Ward 56A caring for patients with Acute Respiratory Infection (ARI).

Sally Moo Hiang Lee

Managing the COVID-19 situation at the frontline is indeed an experience with its unique challenges and rewards.

Andres Lim

People often think of a pharmacist as one who packs and dispenses medications. In reality, we work behind the scenes ensuring medication safety for our patients.

Rosman Bin Abdul Karim

When I was activated to transfer a suspected COVID-19 paediatric case to another hospital, the first thought that flashed through my mind? My wife and our 1-year-old daughter.

Han Hwi Kwang

"I was part of the MOH contact tracing team during the SARS outbreak."

Ubaidullah Shaik Dawood

"When I was informed of a patient I was managing tested positive for COVID-19, it felt surreal. The virus was getting closer to us than we had realised."

Tengku Hilmi Bin Tengku Abdul Kadir

“When I was informed that the patient I had assisted in transferring to the isolation ward was diagnosed with COVID-19, I wasn’t worried nor scared."

Kelvin Kuan

“We are more prepared this time round because of the models developed for SARS and H1N1"

Jennifer Lim

“Any healthcare staff will agree that compassion is the real key as to why we carry on taking care of our patients, despite the circumstances."

Raghuram Jagadesan

"Despite the uncertainties of dealing with the unknown virus, the junior doctors were very professional in their approach to the situation."

Darren Tan

“At the Operation Centre, we have been keeping tabs on COVID-19 developments since late December.”

Nennie Fadilah Hasnawi

“With the evolving COVID-19 situation, I have to juggle more responsibilities, such as being assigned to the Fever Facility Area, but I am glad to know that there is always a solution to any problems that I may have..."

Noor Ayu Mohamed Amin

"Family members are not allowed to go inside the ICU and they can only look from outside. In a way, there are no proper goodbyes..."

Covid-19: Heroes of the storm

No storm is too great for nurses from SingHealth, as they continue to battle against Covid-19.

Mohamed Sidiqie Bin Mohd Aiks

“For me, pressure is good. Pressure makes diamonds. In these challenging times, it brings out the best in people as we have evidently seen from the resilience of our colleagues.”

Tenny Chow

“We have stepped up cleaning and disinfection at all public areas and within the wards. My team sees a greater purpose in their tasks, and understand that if they do their jobs well, they play a major role in infection control and serve as a line of defen

Yap Xin Ying

“I am grateful that my team members recognise uncertainty as part and parcel of the job and are able to adjust quickly to smoothen out operations. It is definitely stressful to be working at the Community Care Facility (CCF), but not something we cannot o

Er Jia Min Stephanie

“Apart from fulfilling my desire to care for the migrant worker community, joining the frontline of CCF@Expo also taught me about other aspects of Pharmacy practice. It was extremely humbling to work alongside a diverse team of people who have all stepped

Sonu Sumit Kumar

“In the ward, I saw mostly migrant workers. Many were from India, my country of birth, so I was able to opened up when I spoke to them in Tamil, even calling me Anna, which means “brother” instead of “doctor”. This touched my heart.”

Siti Mariam Bte MD Salim

“It’s been a long journey and many are feeling fatigued. While we try to stay safe and healthy, it is also important to take care of our mental health. We are only stronger if we fight this together and look out for each other. Let’s continue to keep our

Huang Weili

“As a nurse, my duty is to upload the safety and well-being of not just my patients, but also my teammates, I am proud to work with a responsive and dedicated team that adapts quickly to any challenges that came our way.”

Tan Hwee Thiang

“We had to quickly orientate ourselves to the unfamiliar, hot and dusty surroundings and get down to work including setting up an efficient workflow from screening, manual registration, triage, consultation, pharmacy to swab testing.”

Naw Hser Gay Thaw

"Nurses are important in managing a health crisis because we are a vital link between the patient and the rest of the healthcare team."

Willie Woo

“Though some days are tiring and feel like a rollercoaster, I’m thankful for the Ops Support team and my fellow colleagues. Together, we have been able to implement many changes to keep NDCS safe for all during the COVID-19 period.”

Environmental Services Department

Together, we can minimise the spread of infection or cross-contamination, and win this battle against COVID-19!”

Dr Trishpal Kaur Dhaliwal

“Going into this, my colleagues and I knew that it would not be easy, but we chose to look at things positively

Lau Poh Siong

"The COVID-19 pandemic has challenged us to re-think ways to meet the medical needs of our patients recovering in the community after their discharge. "

Ong Qiu Lin

"Technology saved us during this pandemic. Some of our community assistants under the Neighbours for Active Living programme continued to reach out to some tech-savvy clients through Zoom and Whatsapp. Our work did not come to a complete standstill."

Chan Ying Yue

"On CNY, I had to leave my family halfway through our visit to my mum's place and head back to work. My kids did not see me for two days. When I eventually saw them, they asked me, 'Mummy where have you been?'..."

Dell Haidil

"We marched on, fought on, and stood strong together. But this came with sacrifices. My loved ones had to take a back seat. Nonetheless, they understood and stood by me knowing that these tough times will come to an end and I am deeply thankful for that."

Leo Tan

"During this difficult time, every healthcare worker is working selflessly around the clock to provide care to our patients. Preparedness, prevention through PPEs, a positive attitude and team work is what gets us through this tough time..."

Leelawathy D/O Subroyan

"COVID-19 was evolving and changing as the days went by. We really didn't know much about this new strain of virus. It started to become a little scary. But as days went on, we knew the hospital and our senior management were there for us..."

Ma Zhongzheng

"...taking care of migrant workers who were very worried kept my team and me going. I saw immense fear in the eyes of those migrant workers. But at the same time, I have also seen those eyes filled with gratitude."

Princess May De Chavez Malabanan

"What keeps me motivated is seeing patients recover. Seeing them discharged and going back to their loved ones, that really helps boost our spirits.”

Anbumozhi Thangeswaran

"While there were many moments of fear and anxiety during this pandemic, the courage and determination of my fellow colleagues was the most inspiring thing I saw during this entire episode..."

Nur Zuriana

"When adversity strikes, we stand tall because we were trained to. I would like to thank every one of you for playing a part to flatten the curve. It may be stormy now, but it never rains forever."

Loo Yuxian

"Just like SARS, I am sure that this too shall one day pass, and things will gradually get better again. Until then, we can take solace in that we are not alone in this fight."

Li Yufei

"Instead of simply treating physical symptoms alone, it is important to take the time to understand the patient better, allowing us to treat him as a whole – this is what being a family doctor truly entails."

Melissa Tan

"Our work in healthcare requires us to be prepared to be called to the frontline when the need arises; at the same time strike a fine balance between our responsibilities at work and at home."

Visvanathan Muniandy

"Having worked in the hospital environment for a while, I have come to empathise with the patients I see – many of them have their own fears and need reassurance."