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Puspa Devi, Principal Enrolled Nurse, SGH

“Educating new and student nurses is rewarding, especially when those I’ve mentored excel in their careers!”

Lee Tian Zhi, Principal Enrolled Nurse, CGH

“To me, nursing is much more than just taking care of our patients’ well-being – we save lives with our critical thinking, expertise and heart.”

Megan Hey, Senior Staff Nurse, SKH

“To ensure the safety of our patients, we constantly look out for ways to improve, such as enhancing the medicine cups to easily distinguish between pre-meal and post-meal medications.”

Teresa Ng, Assistant Director, KKH

“I pride myself on doing things differently, with our patients at the heart of all I do.”

Hong Yanqi, Advanced Practice Nurse, NCCS

“Nurses’ roles have evolved over the years. As an Advanced Practice Nurse, I am authorised to perform bone marrow aspiration and biopsy, a procedure previously only done by doctors.”

Ramah Prabah D/O Ramasamy, Senior Enrolled Nurse, NDCS

“As I work in the Geriatric Special Care Dentistry Clinic (GSDC), I am always on the lookout for visual cues from patients indicating that they may need help.”

Noreen Lee T. Quinto, Senior Staff Nurse, NHCS

“I go to work daily knowing that I have the ability to change someone’s life.”

Fu Liqing, Nurse Clinician, NNI

“We play a pivotal role in improving stroke care, such as enhancing the drug delivery process for hyper acute stroke management.”

Soh Ling Ling, Assistant Director, SNEC

“I spearhead several projects to introduce new systems and technology to enhance efficiency in our work processes.”

Nurlaila Binti Maidin, Nurse Clinician, SCH-SKCH

“Helping patients during their lowest moments and journeying with them during their recovery is challenging, but most rewarding!”

Hnin Aye, Senior Staff Nurse, SCH-BVH

“We work towards a common goal of providing compassionate care for our patients, while ensuring the physical and mental well-being of our fellow nurses.”

Myra Macagba Forones, Senior Staff Nurse, SCH-OCH

“My commitment to caring for those around me is not just extended to my patients, but also to my fellow colleagues who may require emotional support.”

Tan Joo See, Nurse Manager, SHP

“Seeing my staff grow in their careers gives me great joy. This is why I value every opportunity I get to train and develop their nursing skills.”