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Eunice Chin (centre) with her Medical Social Services team

Since April 2020, BVH has been housing clinically well COVID-19 patients, who are mostly migrant workers from Bangladesh, to recover from the infection.

Realising the importance in connecting them with their loved ones at home, staff at BVH started topping up their pre-paid mobile credits with the support from a non-profit organisation.

“Being able to stay connected within their community and loved ones is a longing for them. The topping up for their phone cards is one thing that we can do to meet this often unspoken longing,” said Eunice Chin, Manager for BVH Medical Social Services (MSS).

With help from the Ministry of Health (MOH) and The Community Foundation (TCF), Eunice was able to link up with the Transient Workers Count Too (TWC2) for sponsorship.

The TWC2 is an organisation that aims to improve conditions for the low-wage migrants in Singapore through public and corporate donations.

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Happy to help

It takes team work for the plan to be successful. In handling the project, Eunice received help from the BVH Community Relations (CR) and Finance teams.

"CR was the point of contact between us and TWC2 while Finance played an advisory role on how to manage the donation that we have received," shared Eunice.

To ensure that they did not miss anyone, Eunice and her team called each patient to ask for their service provider, apart from checking on their other needs.

The credits were then purchased and topped up online from four different Telco - SingTel, M1, Starhub and VivoBee.

With the help of the sponsorship by TWC2, each patient received a onetime top up of their mobile credits as a goodwill gesture from BVH.

260 patients have benefitted from the Hospital's gesture so far.

"Some of them have run out of money and are not allowed to go out until they have recovered from COVID-19. These migrant workers have difficulties in contacting their friends and family members and we are happy that they are now able to stay in touch because of what the team here did," said Eunice.


BVH has joined the fight against Covid-19 and during this challenging period, we need support from you even more. Play your part in helping our patients by making a generous donation at