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Videos, Resources and Links

We embrace the power of social prescribing, offering a wealth of resources like informative videos and helpful online links. These valuable materials cover a range of topics, providing everyone with accessible knowledge and support beyond traditional medical interventions.

Social Prescribing

1st Asia Pacific Social Prescribing Conference 2022

The 1st Asia Pacific Social Prescribing Conference 2022 invites keynote speakers to share more about social prescribing and its impact on population health.
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The Ideal Link Workers

Walk through on what link workers or well being coordinators do to help the elderly under our social prescribing programme.
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The Singapore COP in Social Prescribing

Let's talk and find out more about Community of Practise (COP) in Social Prescribing.
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Healthy Diet

My Healthy Plate

Our dietitian, Jodie Yeo shres about journeying towards a balanced and nutritious lifestyle with these healthy plate tips!
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Egg Pancake Roll Recipe

Busting with flavours, the egg pancake roll makes the perfect savoury breakfast and easy to prepare for the elderly.
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Tofu Peanut Porridge Recipe

a simple porridge can be made tastier with ingredients like tofu and peanuts. Soft and easy to swallow too!
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Patient Care

Wheelchair Transfer to Car: How to Do It Safely

How do you transfer a patient on wheelchair safely into and out of a car? Lee Shu Hui, our Senior Occupational Therapist demonstrates how.
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Treating Minor Injuries at Home

No matter how careful you can be at home, there will still be times when you or a loved one will experience some common injuries like cuts, burns and sprains. In such instances, stay composed and follow these basic tips before going to see a doctor.
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