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SKCH Facilities & Amenities

Patient-centred Features

Subject to availability, patients have the option of choosing from the air-conditioned single-bedded wards, or the naturally ventilated 5-bedded wards, which are all attached with bathroom facilities and television entertainment.

5 Bedded Ward

There are therapy rooms in the wards to provide easy access for patients and therapists, as well as communal spaces all around the wards to encourage rehabilitation in every space, and for mobile patients to move around as they would at home or in the community. 

Activity Area

There is also a garden where patients can perform their exercises at, under the close supervision of our care team.   

Community Heart
Located right at the heart of the SKH Campus (in the middle of SKH and SKCH), the Community Heart is a recreational area for patients and the general public.

Patient Service Centre (PSC)
Modelling the concept of the centre closely to our vision and mission of "Bridging Care, Building Communities", the PSC serves as a one-stop centre for patients and their caregivers at the Community Hospital. With this convenient and accessible space, they will be able to connect easily to the business, pharmaceutical and social support services at the Community Hospital. 

Patient Service Centre

Services provided at PSC: 

  • Business Office - for admissions and bed management matters
  • Medical Social Services - for financial counselling and assistance
  • Pharmacy - for servicing of inpatient wards and planned outpatient clinic dispensing
  • Community Partners - for post-discharge support services to connect patients and caregivers

Food & Beverages
  • Heavenly Wang - Wang Cafe
  • Kaffe & Toast
  • Koufu 
  • Mr Bean
  • O' Coffee Club
  • POLAR Puffs & Cakes

Retail Shops
  • Cheers Convenience Store
  • Noel Gifts International 
  • K-Cuts

There are about 1,700 parking lots available at the basement level of the SKH Campus.