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Facilities & Amenities

Patient-centred Features

Outram Community Hospital was designed to optimise space usage and meet the increasing demand for healthcare services. Common areas from building entrances to drop-off points will adopt elderly friendly design guidelines so that seniors can move around safely and confidently. There will be a suite of facilities for both inpatients and outpatients, as well as spaces for clinical support offices and staff use. 


5 bedded ward                                                                            Single bedded ward


Bathroom                                                                                   Patient Lounge

Cherished  Moment Room

Wards at the Outram Community Hospital are designed to provide a comfortable and therapeutic environment which is conducive for recovery.

For example:

  • Wards are compact to offer greater comfort and privacy
  • Wards are designed to provide maximum natural ventilation and daylight while minimising heat from outdoors
  • Decentralised nurse stations allow nurses to see beds within wards clearly and therefore respond promptly to patients

Rehabilitation Facilities
Rehabilitation spaces are incorporated, wherever possible, within Outram Community Hospital to encourage patients' healing process. 

For example:

  • Patient wards feature ample room for patients to move about within their ward, encouraging them to be proactive in their rehabilitation outside of sessions with their therapists.
  • Dayrooms are integrated into each ward and feature rehabilitation space where patients can practise functional exercises or under rehabilitation sessions with their therapists.
  • The Activities of Daily Living Rooms simulates the environment of an HDB unit for patients to practise performing daily activities under guidance, as well as familiarise themselves with home-based technology devices.
  • The rooftop is a communal outdoor space with built-in rehabilitation facilities like a garden and offers panoramic views of the SGH campus and Singapore's cityscape.