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Frequently Asked Questions

What is CareLine?

CareLine is a personal care telephone service by Changi General Hospital (CGH). It provides health and social support to seniors who may be living alone or are frail. It helps these seniors to keep safe.

If something untoward happens to the seniors at home, for example, if they fall or feel unwell, or if they require urgent care, they may not know what to do. They may be feeling scared or anxious. In such situations, CareLine is there to support them 24 x 7.

Who is eligible for CareLine?

Singaporeans and PRs aged 60 years and above; as well as able to hear and speak well over the phone, are eligible for CareLine.

Can seniors call CareLine in all kinds of situations, and CareLine will send someone down?

CareLine is a tele-care support service. We encourage seniors to call us should there be any situation that makes them feel anxious and unsure of what to do. CareLine will link the senior up with the relevant agency to provide assistance, or advise on the next steps seniors should take.

CareLine will not send someone to seniors’ homes. However, CareLine will work closely with the community partners to provide holistic support for the senior.

Are there any charges for signing up with CareLine?

CareLine is a programme funded by the Ministry of Health. There are currently no charges to be a member of CareLine.

I'm working for a community-based organisation. Can I refer my clients to CareLine?

Yes! If you know of a senior who might benefit from our service, call us at 63407054. You may also complete this referral form (PDF) and email it to