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For GPs

​GPFirst aims to encourage patients to visit their GP first instead of going to the emergency department if they are suffering mild to moderate / non-emergency conditions so they can be cared for more promptly. This will also allow emergency care teams to focus on urgent cases such as heart attacks and strokes.


How GPFirst works

Patients who are referred to the CGH emergency department by a participating GP clinic will be accorded higher priority over P3 cases when they arrive at the A&E. In addition, they will receive a $50 subsidy on the prevailing A&E attendance fee.

GPFirst Participating Clinics are supported with:

  • A&E Consultant Hotline 24/7

  • A&E Coordinator Hotline (Office Hours)

  • List of Exclusion Criteria (non-exhaustive)

  • CME Online Asynchronous Learning (COAL) and Quarterly CMEs

  • GPFirst Aide Mobile App –  with decision tools on 16 red-flag conditions

Joining GPFirst

This programme is open to GP clinics in Eastern and North-Eastern Singapore. To join GPFirst, please complete the relevant Clinic Sign-up Form and email it to the following:

For CGH GPFirst (Eastern region)

CGH GPFirst Clinic Sign-up Form 

For SKH GPFirst (North-Eastern region)

SKH GPFirst Clinic Sign-up Form 

For general enquiries and feedback, please call 6788 8833 (CGH) or 6930 5000 (SKH).

GPFirst Aide Mobile Application

(For GPFirst Participating Clinics only)




  • 16 Medical Calculators / Decision Rules - Aid GPs in making decisions on selected red flag conditions that may require a referral to the emergency department.

  • Available on Android and Apple devices

To request for the GPFirst Aide mobile app, please contact: