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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the fee under the GPFirst scheme cover all investigations and tests?

The attendance fee at the emergency departments currently covers:

  • Consultation 
  • General X-ray services. E.g Chest and abdomen X-rays
  • Standard Blood Investigations
  • Standard Medications

Specialised investigations and non-standard medications required are not included and will be separately charged to the patient. This also applies to patients who go directly to CGH and SKH emergency departments.

Please note that there might be other services and procedures not mentioned above, that are not included in the attendance fee. For more information, please enquire with the administrative staff at the emergency department of the respective hospitals.

How does GPFirst benefit patients?

Under GPFirst, most patients will save time and money while receiving appropriate care at participating GP clinics.

If you have only mild to moderate symptoms, receiving treatment from your GP will cost you less compared to going to the emergency department. If you are referred to the emergency department after assessment by your GP, you will receive a $50 subsidy on the prevailing attendance fee at either CGH or SKH emergency department.  


Will CGH and SKH emergency departments reject patients if they have been referred inappropriately?

No patient will be turned away at the emergency departments. If patients are referred to the emergency department under GPFirst, the terms and conditions of GPFirst will apply to them, regardless of their medical condition.


Is GPFirst applicable to Permanent Residents and Foreigners?

Yes. GPFirst applies to all patients referred to CGH and SKH emergency departments by participating GP clinics with the GPFirst Referral Form.


Will patients referred by polyclinics enjoy GPFirst's $50 subsidy?

GPFirst is not applicable to referrals from polyclinics. Patients referred by polyclinics will continue to be given priority at the emergency department, as they have been assessed by doctors to require more urgent care.


Is GPFirst applicable to CHAS patients, even though they have already received subsidised care at GP clinics?

The subsidy under GPFirst will apply to patients as long as they are referred to the emergency department by participating clinics with the original GPFirst Referral Form. This includes patients under CHAS.


How does the CGH or SKH emergency department identify patients referred under GPFirst?

GPs from participating clinics will refer patients using a GPFirst Referral Form. Only patients who present the original GPFirst Referral Form when they register at CGH and SKH emergency departments will qualify for GPFirst.


Can patients from areas outside the eastern and northeastern regions consult GPs participating in GPFirst and qualify for its benefits?

Patients are encouraged to seek treatment and follow up with their regular GPs so as to receive timely medical assistance. However, if their GPs participate in the GPFirst programme, they will enjoy its benefits as long as the terms and conditions are fulfilled, regardless of where the patients reside.


Can patients be referred to the emergency department in other hospitals under GPFirst?

No. Currently, GPFirst and its benefits are applicable only at CGH and SKH.


How much would I be charged at the participating GP clinics?

Patients will continue to pay the fees charged by their respective GPs.