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SingHealth Centre for Population Health Research and Implementation (CPHRI)

With an aging population and increased focus on population health, there is a growing need to deliver good healthcare outcomes in a sustainable manner as well as to improve population health at both the system and individual levels. With this impetus, population health and implementation science has emerged as a key strategic research theme within the SingHealth Duke–NUS Academic Medical Centre (AMC).

CPHRI aims to serve as the nexus for population health research, innovation, implementation science and evaluation in the AMC; bridge research and care delivery into the community; and develop population health expertise to serve strategic needs.

CPHRI will:

  • Leverage big data and technology as key enablers to operationalise major population health initiatives

  • Evaluate the effectiveness of Regional Health programmes to facilitate their scaling and proliferation

  • Work in synergy with the various population health, health services research and innovation units in the AMC

  • Strengthen partnerships and collaborations with relevant government agencies, research and academic institutions, and community and industry partners.