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City for All Ages: Emerging Paradigms

In recognition of the intricate interplay between social determinants, built environments, and health outcomes, the inaugural Asia Pacific Population Health Conference convenes population health researchers to explore innovative and novel strategies that foster health equity and well-being across all age groups in urban settings. Through interdisciplinary dialogues and the sharing of cutting-edge research, this conference aims to uncover novel approaches that can transform cities into inclusive and age-friendly spaces which promote a healthier and more resilient future for urban populations worldwide. Join us as we bring together thought leaders, healthcare and social care practitioners, academics, researchers, and policymakers from the region to collectively chart the way ahead, and address the diverse and evolving needs of city populations of all ages.

The conference will be held in conjunction with the 2nd Asia Pacific Social Prescribing Conference.

28  29 Nov 2024
Academia, Singapore General Hospital Campus
20 College Rd, Singapore 169856

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(Registration will open in mid-April, fee applies)

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