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Clin Asst Prof Chan Jason Yong Sheng

Clin Asst Prof Chan Jason Yong Sheng

MBBS, MRCP (UK), MMed (Internal Medicine), FAMS (Medical Oncology), PhD (Cancer Biology)


National Cancer Centre Singapore

Conditions Treated by this Doctor:
Lymphoma, Melanoma, Sarcoma, Skin Cancer.

Clinical Appointments

  • Consultant SingHealth Duke-NUS Blood Cancer Centre
  • Consultant Division of Medical Oncology National Cancer Centre SingaporeNational Cancer Centre Singapore

Academic Appointments

  • Clinical Asst Professor at Duke-NUS Medical School


Dr Jason Chan is Consultant Medical Oncologist at the National Cancer Centre Singapore and Clinical Assistant Professor at Duke-NUS Medical School. He has special clinical interests in lymphomas and rare cancers including sarcomas and melanomas. His key research interests lie in unravelling the causes and molecular pathobiology of cancers with the aim of improving clinical care of patients inflicted with these diseases. He was awarded the Nurturing Clinician Scientist Scheme by the SingHealth Duke-NUS Academic Medical Centre in 2017 and the Singapore National Medical Research Council Research Training Fellowship in 2018.

He is Co-Investigator of the Singapore Lymphoma Study Group and the Singapore Lymphoma Translational Study (SYMPHONY). He has contributed to major research efforts on Asian-prevalent lymphomas including NK/T-cell lymphomas (Lancet Oncology 2020, Leukemia 2020) and monomorphic epitheliotropic T-cell lymphoma (Blood Advances 2020), as well as breast fibroepithelial tumors (Nature Genetics 2015), angiosarcomas (J Clin Invest 2020), and liposarcomas (J Clin Oncol 2013).

He is a strong advocate of education and is heavily involved in the mentorship of medical students, clinical residents and budding researchers. For his efforts, he was conferred the National University of Singapore Dean's Award for Teaching Excellence and SingHealth RiSE Outstanding Faculty Awards.


  • PhD (Cancer Biology), Cancer Science Institute of Singapore, 2020
  • Specialist Accreditation in Medical Oncology, Ministry of Health Singapore, 2017
  • MMed (Internal Medicine), National University of Singapore, 2012
  • MRCP, Royal College of Physicians (UK), 2012
  • MBBS, National University of Singapore, 2008

Professional Appointments and Committee Memberships

  • Consultant, Division of Medical Oncology, National Cancer Centre Singapore  – Present
  • Faculty Member, Medical Oncology Senior Residency Program 2017 – Present


  • ESMO Travel Grant, 2020
  • SingHealth RiSE Outstanding Faculty Award, 2019 and 2020
  • SingHealth and NCCS 10 Years Long Service Award, 2020
  • Singapore Health Quality Service Awards (Silver), 2019
  • SingHealth Publish! Award, 2019
  • SingHealth Duke-NUS Research Day Appreciation Award - Bunsen Burner Award, 2017
  • Nurturing Clinician Scientist Scheme, SingHealth Duke-NUS Academic Medical Centre, 2017
  • SingHealth RiSE Outstanding Resident Award, 2016 and 2017
  • National University of Singapore Dean's Award for Teaching Excellence, 2016
  • Junior Pitch For Funds Award, SingHealth Internal Medicine Academic Clinical Program, 2014
  • SingHealth RiSE Award for Outstanding Performance for In-Training/Intermediate Exams, 2013
  • SingHealth Internal Medicine Residency Research Symposium Best Oral Presentation Award, 2013
  • Frontiers in Cancer Science Conference Best Poster Award (co-author), 2009
  • National Healthcare Group Annual Scientific Meeting Best Oral Presentation Award (Merit), 2009
  • National Healthcare Group International Conference Award, 2009
  • National University of Singapore Outstanding Undergraduate Researcher Prize, 2007 and 2008
  • Jane Prize in Paediatrics, 2007
  • Elsevier Health Sciences Award, 2007

Research Interests


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Research Trials