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About Us

Our Care Team

Supportive & Palliative Care Centre - SingHealth Duke-NUS

Our Clinical Services

Working in inter-professional clinical care teams consisting of doctors, nurses, clinical psychologists, medical social workers and other allied health professionals, we provide different aspects of specialist palliative care in inpatient, outpatient and community settings, including:

  • Prevention and management of pain and other symptoms (e.g. shortness of breath, loss of appetite, nausea or vomiting, etc.) related to serious illness and its treatments
  • Patient and family/caregiver education
  • Emotional, psychological, and spiritual support
  • Practical and social support
  • Care and discharge planning
  • End-of-life and bereavement care 

Our objectives are to:

  • Increase access to supportive and palliative care services,
  • Improve and smoothen transition of care between care settings
  • Improve the quality of supportive and palliative care provision


SDSPCC Research aims to train more healthcare professionals in research, encourage cross-institution collaboration, embrace innovation and experiment with new models of care to meet the challenges in providing supportive and palliative care for the future.

Our objectives are to: 

  • Build research skills among palliative care clinicians,
  • Increase research collaboration between SingHealth organisations and with Lien Centre for Palliative Care (LCPC) to keep research projects clinical relevant and scientifically rigorous,
  • Strengthen the research evidence for the development, evaluation and implementation of novel models of palliative care service delivery by expanding the portfolio of research projects in supportive and palliative care and increasing dissemination of research work, and
  • Establish a Supportive and Palliative Care Registry for benchmarking, quality improvement and real world research.


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SDSPCC Education aims to coordinate and develop supportive and palliative care education and training for specialist palliative care and generalist healthcare providers, through close collaboration with Lien Centre for Palliative Care and Singapore Hospice Council.

The objectives of SDSPCC Education include:

  • Coordinating and planning of specialist palliative care training, including interdisciplinary team education, Advanced Specialist Training teaching and medical school curricula,
  • Establishing training and competency frameworks for specialist palliative care nurses and medical social workers,
  • Developing and implementing: 
    1. Supportive and palliative care training programmes for generalist palliative care for doctors, nurses, medical social workers and allied health staff in collaboration with LCPC,
    2. Serious illness communication skills training for healthcare professionals in collaboration with LCPC, as well as
    3. Grief and bereavement training programmes in collaboration with community partners.

Community Partnership

In partnership with Singapore Hospice Council and other service providers in the community, we aim to promote awareness on Supportive and Palliative care.

Our objectives are to:

  • Work with Singapore Hospice Council in promoting public awareness and education resources for caregivers
  • Work in partnership with community service providers to extend public education outreach


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Registrars Resident Physicians
Nurses Allied Health
  1. Dr Ong King Jane (Registrar)
  2. Dr Michelle Lim Yin Yin (Principal Staff Registrar)
  3. Dr Khor Chong Chneah (Senior Staff Registrar)
  4. Dr Sharon Harvinder Kaur (Registrar)
  5. Dr Sumayyah Omar Bintalib (Senior Staff Registrar)
  1. Dr Jan Chng Xue Ren (Resident Physician)
  2. Dr Ryan Lester Rabe Abool (Resident Physician)
  3. Dr Germaine Toh Shuet Yin (Resident Physician)
  4. Dr Wynn Yi Yi (Principal Resident Physician)
  5. Dr Lee Sze Yi (Resident Physician)
  6. Dr Sushma Shivananda (Resident Physician)
  7. Dr Toy Wei Quan (Resident Physician)
  8. Dr Sara Loh (Resident Physician)
  9. Dr Edmund Chan (Resident Physician)
  10. Dr Mohamad Hashir Bin Abdul Malik (Resident Physician)
  1. Wong Yoke Ping (Prog. Director, Nursing, SDSPCC; NC)
  2. Rasidah B Alias (ANC)
  3. Wang Liyun (ANC)
  4. Goh Hwee Jin (SSN)
  5. Sie Long Zhen (SSN)
  6. Noor Aisah Bee Bte Abd Rashid (NC)
  7. Lilis Irwani Bte Mohamad Yusri (ANC)
  8. Dr Huang Fang (APN)
  9. Julia Eng (APN)
  10. Priscilla Chua (APN)
  11. Wei Na (APN)
  12. Li Ya Jie (APN Trainee)
  13. Liu Jing (SSN)
  14. Tay Beng Choo (SNC)
  15. Stella Goh (SNC/APN)
  16. Xu Zhi Zhen (SNC/APN)
  17. Zhu Xia (NC/APN)
  18. Nuraishah Bte Zulkifle (NC/APN)
  19. Neela Natesan (NC)
  20. Tan Yung Ying (NC)
  21. Liao Kehua (ANC/APN)
  22. Ng Xin Hui (ANC)
  23. Gillian Wee Hwei Li (APN, NHCS CTS)
  24. Lee Chen Na (NC/APN)
  25. Aw Fung Chee (NC/APN)
  26. Felicia Chua Wan Ling (SSN/RN)
  27. Gan Peiying (NC/APN)
  28. Athiyah binte Mohd Khajah @Alynna Chua (SSN)
  29. Chia Kay Ti (SSN)
  30. Zhao Ruihong (SNM)
  31. Helen Molina bautista (NC)
  32. Mani Manjith (SSN)
  33. Irene Balaino Baguilat (SSN)
  34. Kasinah Binte Kasan (SSN)
  35. Briton Charmaine Ann Mimay (SN)
  36. Magaway Ma. Hacel Kriztine Ancheta (SN)
  37. Ulibas Apple Grace Oandasan (SN)
  38. Liang Jo Huei (SN)
  39. Naw Aye Kyawt Khine (SN)
  40. Forones Myra Macagba (SN)
  41. Del Olmo Lara may Perez (SN)
  42. Obien katherine Anne Monterey (SN)
  43. Sundar Maheswari (SN)
  44. Marie Joyce Martin (SN)
  45. Frenkelin Anak Tinggi (SN)
  46. Janice Panelo Guianan (SN)
  47. Mar Mar Oo (SN)
  48. Ravago Abigael Dizon (SN)
  49. Thu Thu Win Myint (EN)
  50. Ariente Febe Joy Tobias (EN)
  51. Leyva Ma Maricar Policena (EN)
  52. Sumathi D/O Arunasalam Sokalingam (EN)
  53. Argana John Riel Encarnacion (EN)
  54. Yeo Jennifer (EN)
  55. Thuruthil Peedikayi Kuriakose Tiju (EN)
  56. Masipag Marianne Abratique (EN)
  57. Flores Crystal mae Infante (EN)
  58. Ballesteros Minerva martinez (PCA)
  59. Itol Charles Ian Neil Lopez (PCA)
  60. sajorne Shella mae Bilbao (PCA)
  61. Mai Hnin Pwint Kyaw (PCA)
  62. Christine garcia Alcazarin (SPCA)
  63. Naw Kel Yi (PCA)
  64. Murzo Kristal Mae Piala (HCA)
  65. Myo Myo Tun (HCA)
  66. Aung Thu Swe (HCA)
  67. Nagavali D/O Letchumanan (NC)
  68. Wan Nursharazilla Binte Abdul Rahman (SSN)
  69. Esteban Maria Eliza Ramirez (SSN)
  70. Theviya Parama Sewai (SSN)
  71. Ople Mary Jade Joy Relatado (SN)
  72. Cruz Julyn Talplacido (SN)
  73. Roxas May Anne (SN)
  74. Carino Katrina Marie Lapuz (SN)
  75. De Guzman Marivic Bulawit (SN)
  76. Reynon Karen Anne Lee (SN)
  77. Zacarias Prince Marvin Jovellanos (SN)
  78. San Jose Alexandria De Castro (SN)
  79. Alfonso Elaine Pineda (SN)
  80. Camerino Lady Faye Torres (SN)
  81. Siti Noraskin Binti Azman (SN)
  82. De Castro Rochelle Dela Cruz (SN)
  83. Nurul Afida Binti Sudin (SN)
  84. Quiatchon Aiza Pigar (SN)
  85. Chandran Karunya (SN)
  86. Gob Don Absulio (SN)
  87. Evey Darius (SN)
  88. Thaung Thaung Nge (SN)
  89. Michelle Villanueva Bayas (SN)
  90. Sheila Mae Ledesma Preciado (SN)
  91. Siti Nurhalijah Binte Mohd Foaad (Senior EN)
  92. Ladao Jiannille (EN)
  93. Dalida Allysa Camille Capunihan (EN)
  94. Hernandez Darlene Montesclaros (EN)
  95. Nolido April Joy Barredo (EN)
  96. Manaois Carissa Borlongan (EN)
  97. Escuadro Kalvin Jun Rivera (EN)
  98. Maslinda Binte Hasim Pawiro (Senior PCA)
  99. Calivoso Sheryl Solsoloy (PCA)
  100. Castro Aiza Buhian (PCA)
  101. Allas Marvin Canlas (PCA)
  102. Mu Mu Thein (PCA)
  103. Delos Reyes Kristine Kaye Conde (HCA)
  104. Casquejo Realina Lumbab (HCA)
  105. Sanado Jezah Ramayani Saysay (HCA)
  106. Saw Eh Kalai Doh (HCA)
  107. Thida Myint (HCA)
  108. Lim Ah Heng (Patient Care Ambassador)
  1. Teo Mavis (Head MSW)
  2. Zhou Gwen (MSW)
  3. Ms Ang Lee Beng (MSW)
  4. Dr Ling Xu Yi (Co-Director, Research, SDSPCC; Senior Clinical Pharmacist)
  5. Phebe Si (Principal Clinical Pharmacist)
  6. Tan Yee Pin (HOD, Psychosocial Oncology)
  7. Dr Gilbert Fan Kam Tong (Master MSW)
  8. Saryna Ong Sok Hoon (Master MSW)
  9. Jacinta Phoon Mui Leng (Principal MSW)
  10. Jamie Woon Wan Siang (Principal MSW)
  11. Loh Kok Wah Travis (Principal MSW)
  12. Ranitha d/o Govindasamy (Senior MSW)
  13. Candace Ong Choon Yee (Senior MSW)
  14. Eunice Lee Lai Mei (Senior MSW)
  15. Leticia Lee Li Wah (Senior MSW)
  16. Leona Oh Boon-Sze (Senior MSW)
  17. Emily Goh Xiu Qi (MSW)
  18. Dorothy Tan Lay Ling (MSW)
  19. Gerard Ong Eng Chuan (MSW)
  20. Sabrina Yeo Jia Hui (MSW)
  21. Jerlyne Neo Jia En (MSW)
  22. Yong Chin Ping (MSW)
  23. Lyn Ng Bao Lin (MSW)
  24. Amber Lim Yann Yu (Psychologist)
  25. Brandon Goh Huat Heng (Senior MSW, Manager (Patient Support)
  26. Janice Soon May Ping (Locum MSW)
  27. Jasmine Ku Si Mun (MSW)
  28. Jan Koh Hwei Li (Senior MSW)
  29. Andy Sim (Co-Director, Education, SDSPCC; Principal MSW)
  30. Tan Lee Ling (Senior MSW)
  31. Mavis Law (MSW)
  32. Magdalene Fong (MSW)
  33. Dr Shim Yuan Tying (Principal Clinical Pharmacist)
  34. Dr Cheryl Tan Ying Ling (Pharmacist)
  35. Dr Lim Rou Wei (Senior Clinical Pharmacist)
  36. Dr Tsang Wing Yee (Senior Clinical Pharmacist)
  37. Genevieve Suseno Subur (Pharmacist)
  38. Vivian Wong Shi Yin (Senior Clinical Pharmacist)
  39. Low Siau Hui (Pharmacist)
  40. Dr Ang Xiu Yun (Senior Clinical Pharmacist)
  41. Sandy Koh Mui Ching (Principal MSW)
  42. Edreon Goei Wen Yang (MSW)
  43. Christina Goh Wee Kheng (MSW)
  44. Rajesh Jaya (Senior MSW)
  45. Hozaidah Binte Hosain (Manager, Rehabilitation Service)
  46. Bryan See (Occupational Therapist)
  47. Fannie Chua (Senior Physiotherapist)
  48. Ng Keat Hwee (Physiotherapist)
  49. Charissa Ee (Senior Pharmacist)
  50. Lim Chee Yuen (Senior Pharmacist)
  51. Ng Xue Ying Tricia (Senior Occupational Therapist)
  52. Stephanie Ng Wei Ting (Occupational Therapist)
  53. Ku Yu Jia (Physiotherapist)
  54. Kao Chieh -Yu (Physiotherapist)
  55. Leong Yoke Sim (Senior Therapy Assistant)
  56. Siti Fatimahtaz Zaharah Binte Ismail (Therapy Assistant)
  57. Luke Low Zhi Wei (Therapy Assistant)
  58. Chia Pei Lin Cindy (Therapy Assistant)
  59. Sarah Lee Qian Song (Speech Therapist)

APN = Advanced Practising Nurse
SNM = Senior Nurse Manager
SNC = Senior Nurse Clinician
NC = Nurse Clinician
ANC = Assistant Nurse Clinician
SSN = Senior Staff Nurse
SN = Staff Nurse
EN = Enrolled Nurse
PCA = Patient Care Assistant
HCA = Health Care Assistant