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                  Lung Transplant Journey


Preparing for Transplant

The evaluation work-up includes a series of blood tests and tests to determine the condition of the heart, lung, liver and kidney systems. Potential transplant recipients are required to be substance-free at least a year before being listed for the transplant. Harmful habits such as smoking and alcohol or mind-altering drug dependency must be avoided.

Lung Transplantation

Lung transplantation involves removing the diseased lung or lungs from the recipient and replacing either one (single lung transplant) or both (bilateral lung transplant) with healthy ones from a recently deceased donor. Lung transplantation represents the best hope for patients with end-stage lung disease as it can offer patients better quality of life after the transplant.

For lung patients, the candidates will be strongly urged to participate in a pulmonary rehabilitation programme. Such a programme of monitored physical exercise will help build strength and endurance in preparation for the transplant and increase the chances of a successful outcome following the transplant

Lung Donation

Donors are individuals who are brain-dead, meaning that the brain shows no signs of life while the person's body is being kept alive by artificial means. Donors have often died as a result of a road accident, stroke or severe head injury. Since not enough organs are available for transplant, patients may wait for months for a transplant and some do not survive the wait. 

Life after Transplant

The quality of life for patients improves dramatically after transplant and they are able to lead more active lifestyles. However, patients need to take medications such as immunosuppressant for life. The medications keep the body from rejecting the transplant. A patient's survival depends on many factors, including age, general health and response to the transplant.

Our Transplant team will provide you with more advice and consultations after your transplant for a smooth recovery journey.