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Centre Overview

SingHealth Duke-NUS Centre of Memory and Cognitive Disorders

Dementia can affect anyone, from working adults to the very elderly. The disruption it causes is unique to each patient depending on their circumstances, for example a father in his 40s with a young family to support faces different physical, emotional and social challenges to an 80-year old widow who lives alone and also suffers from other health problems.

That is why there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ treatment for dementia. Every patient requires care tailored to their specific needs and this often changes over time as their dementia gets worse.

The SingHealth Duke-NUS Memory and Cognitive Disorder Centre was established in March 2020 to meet this need. The virtual Centre is a network that brings together the strengths and expertise of healthcare professionals from different specialties across SingHealth institutions to help patients access multi-disciplinary treatment and support at all stages of their dementia journey.

ingHealth Duke-NUS Centre of Memory and Cognitive Disorders - Specialties

Our SDDC members are also looking beyond today’s dementia care needs to plan for the future. The Centre will collaborate with researchers and educators from SingHealth institutions and Duke-NUS to deepen knowledge in the causes of dementia and cognitive impairment, drive innovation to find better ways to prevent, diagnose and treat conditions and ensure healthcare professionals have the skills they need to provide the best care for patients.

The Centre will also serve as a hub to promote closer collaboration with various community partners to provide holistic and financially viable dementia services.

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Service Chief - SingHealth Community Hospitals

Dr Chan Qiu Hua Catherine

Consultant, Post Acute & Continuing Care

Director, Dementia and Cognitive Care Service

Nursing Team

  1. Foo Wee Ching (NC)
  2. Julian Lee Hui Min (NC)
  3. Netty Ryanie Binte Kamaruzaman (NC)
  4. Stella Wang Hwee Yi (APN)
  5. Usanee Chotphoksap (APN)
  1. Chitra D/O Pandiaya (Snr Nurse Manager)
  2. Li Fuyin (SNC/APN)
  3. Raihanah Binti Abdull Ghafar (ANC)
  4. Sahnan Bin Rahim (NC)
  1. Zhang Di (DD Nursing, APN)
  1. Esther Vanessa Chua Ai Ling (NC)
  1. Gao Ning (ANC)
  1. Tee Yong Ming (Nurse Educator)
  2. Linda Lim Lay Hoon (SNC)

APN = Advanced Practising Nurse
NC = Nurse Clinician