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Breast Surgery – How to Prepare

Things to take note of in preparation for your breast/axilla surgery:

  1. Blood thinning medications – If you are on blood thinning medications, please let your doctor know and stop the medications as advised.
  2. Smoking – If you smoke, please stop smoking in preparation for your operation.
  3. Medical conditions – If you have any medical conditions, they should be optimised before your surgery. You may be referred to an anaesthetist for further review prior to your operation.
  4. If you are pregnant or suspect that you may be pregnant, please let your doctor know.
  5. Please inform your doctor if you are on any supplements or traditional Chinese medications. You may be advised to stop these medications prior to your surgery.
  6. When to fast:
    • If you are admitted on the same day of your operation – Our staff will contact you one day before your operation to advise you on when to stop the consumption of food and drinks.
    • If you are admitted a day before your operation – Our ward staff will inform you of when to fast.
  7. On the day of surgery, do not apply makeup or nail polish, or wear jewellery. Please leave your valuables or excessive cash at home.
  8. Bring along a container for your spectacles or contact lenses, if you are wearing them. Disposable underwear is preferred.
  9. You should still be able to undergo the breast surgery even if you are having your menses, unless there are other contraindications.
  10. An ink marking on your breast may be done just prior to your operation, to identify the side/site of operation. This ink marking will be removed after your operation.
  11. For some breast/axilla lesions which are not well felt, a wire/device may be placed into the breast/axilla on the day or days before the operation, to guide the surgeon to the lesion. This device will usually be removed during the operation.

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