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Renal Medicine

Renal Medicine diagnosis and treatment of kidney diseases by SingHealth hospitals.

Renal Medicine (or Nephrology) is the medical specialty concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of kidney diseases and the care of those requiring renal replacement therapy including patients requiring dialysis and kidney transplant patients.

Singapore General Hospital (SGH) sees a wide range of renal disorders from the early phases of renal disease to patients newly presenting with end stage renal disease. It maintains the most comprehensive nephrological service in Singapore.

Changi General Hospital (CGH) provides comprehensive medical care for patients with kidney conditions.

KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital (KKH) is a tertiary referral centre for managing a wide-ranging kidney diseases among children. KKH's Nephrology Service has fully equipped with supportive facilities for the optimal management of patients.

Common Procedures

Renal Transplant

Kidney transplantation are for patients with End-stage kidney failure (ESRF) because it offers better chances at long-term survival, improved quality of life and may be cheaper than private sector dialysis. Kidneys for transplantation can be obtained from either a deceased or living kidney donor. Living kidney donors are preferred because it is associated with superior survival rates and lower complication rates.

Or you may access our site on SingHealth Comprehensive Transplant Centre for more details on kidney transplant programme.

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This clinical specialty is available at:

Dept of Renal Medicine

Tel: (65) 6222 3322
Renal Medicine

Tel: (65) 6788 8833
Dept of Renal Medicine

Tel: (65) 6930 6000
Children's - Nephrology Service

Tel: (65) 6225 5554