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How to update Health Buddy app

To give you better app features, SingHealth is  constantly improving Health Buddy app and launching new app updates.

Health Buddy app users will receive an app alert to update Health Buddy app to the latest version after the app update is launched.

Things to note before you update the app:

  1. Back up your past input data in Health Tools (e.g. Blood Glucose, Blood pressure trackers) and Specialty Care modules (e.g. Stroke, Parkinson's Care) by downloading and saving past data to PDF files for reference.

  2. health-tools-download-step-by-step-guide.jpg

  3. Update the Health Buddy app instead of uninstalling the existing Health Buddy app and reinstalling the new app. If you uninstall your current Health Buddy app from your phone, all past input data will be deleted to protect your data security.

  4. If you don't receive the app update prompt, you can go to Apple AppStore, Google Play or Huawei AppGallery to check for the latest update.

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