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Use Health Buddy app for your next SingHealth* Clinic Visit

*SingHealth institutions - SGH, CGH, SKH, KKH, NCC, NDC, NHC, SNEC and SHP.

Manage your visit with Health Buddy app in 4 ways:

(If you are a caregiver, you can register at any SingHealth counter to become an authorized caregiver to manage your loved ones’ SingHealth matters using the Health Buddy app too)

1) Manage Appointments

In Health Buddy app, tap Appointments e-service Health Buddy Appointments.

Health Buddy Appointments

You can check your upcoming appointment dates and times, reschedule or cancel your appointments via Health Buddy app.

2) Register visit and get queue number

In Health Buddy app, tap Q-Track e-service Health Buddy Q-Track.

Health Buddy Q-Track Screen

You can register your same day clinic visit via Health Buddy app, get your queue number and track how many patients are ahead of you.

3) Order Medicines

  1. In Health Buddy app, tap Medicines Health Buddy Order Medicines
  2. Then, tap “Order Medicines” Health Buddy Order Medicinesto access e-service.

Health Buddy Order Medicines Service

You can order your medicines refills via Health buddy app instead of going to the pharmacy. To enjoy this e-service, you need to leave your original paper prescription at the pharmacy first.

Please note that for patient’s safety, newly prescribed medicines (i.e. patient taking new medicine for the first time) require pharmacists’ counselling and cannot be ordered via the Health Buddy app.

4) Make payment

In Health Buddy app, tap Payment e-service Health Buddy Payment e-service.

Health Buddy Payments Bills

After your doctor’s consultation, you are free to leave the clinic. At 8pm the same day, you will receive a SMS invitation to pay once your bill is ready for payment. Simply open Health Buddy app and pay using credit card or eNets direct debit.