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Voice Hygiene

Voice Hygiene: Keeping your voice healthy, Where to seek treatment | Singapore General Hospital

Voice Hygiene - What it is

Voice Hygiene Singapore General HospitalKeeping Your Voice Healthy

  • Talk and sing if you like it, but keep within your pitch range & do not strain your voice
  • If you enjoy using your voice loudly, ensure you have a good technique.
  • Go to a doctor quickly if you develop a troublesome cough.
  • Avoid throat clearing and coughing as much as possible.
  • If you have to throat-clear, do it gently e.g. huff
  • Get your indigestion treated by a doctor as gastroesophageal reflux may cause problems to your voice.
  • Keep your body fit and healthy - eat well and exercise regularly.
  • Keep your neck and shoulders loose and easy and seek treatment for any neck or back problems. Bad posture produces a bad voice.
  • Drink lots, but not alcohol; and cut down on caffeinated beverages.
  • Enjoy a party but do not smoke anything at all.
  • Ask the other person to sit down with you to talk - standing and talking often result in urgent, tense talking.
  • Rephrase what you have said if someone does not understand you - don't just say it angrily again.
  • Take time off to rest your voice if you have a bout of infective laryngitis, or a sore throat.
  • If your voice is sick, take it to an Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist.
  • Avoid yelling and screaming in anger.
  • If you experience nasal airway congestion, or soreness in the larynx from coughing, a steam inhalation may help you.
  • If you sing or perform, warm up and cool down your voice before and after your performance.

Voice Hygiene - Symptoms

Voice Hygiene - How to prevent?

Voice Hygiene - Causes and Risk Factors

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Voice Hygiene - Preparing for surgery

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Voice Hygiene - Other Information

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