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Viral Warts

Viral Warts - How to prevent?

Viral Warts - Treatments

Watchful waiting: In children, warts may resolve spontaneously. However, this may take up to two years to occur.

  • Retinoids or imiquimod: These may be used for flat warts.
  • Duofilm or verrumal: These may be more effective when combined with occlusion with duct tape.
Cryotherapy with or without paring.

Electrosurgery and lasers: Rarely used in children as they can cause significant pain.

Immunotherapy: These may be applied or injected into the warts to induce an immune reaction. Application is performed in the clinic.

Even when the wart appears “cured”, there is a 20% risk of recurrence, either at the same or other site(s).

Viral Warts - Preparing for surgery

Viral Warts - Post-surgery care

Viral Warts - Other Information

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