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Vaginismus - What it is

What is Vaginismus?
Vaginismus is a condition where there is involuntary tightness of the vagina during attempted intercourse. The tightness is actually caused by involuntary contractions of the muscles surrounding the vagina entrance and outer third of the vagina. Women are often not consciously squeezing the vagina muscles as it is an involuntary response.

Vaginismus - Symptoms

The women experiences symptoms of burning, pain, or stinging occur when an object such as the penis is attempting to enter the vagina canal due to involuntary contraction of the vagina muscles. The severity of the condition can be different in different women. Some are able to allow tampon or digital insertion but not able to consummate the marriage. Other women are unable to tolerate any form of object entering the vagina at all. The male partner may also experience “something blocking” the entry of the penis and pain during attempted penetration. Over time, after repeated failed attempts at intercourse, this could lead to premature ejaculation or inability to sustain an erection.

The incidence of vaginismus in Singaporean women is unknown but it is estimated that 1% of women seeking help for subfertility actually suffer from this condition. Also estimated is that for every woman who seeks help, tenfold suffer in silence.

Vaginismus - How to prevent?

Vaginismus - Causes and Risk Factors

Vaginismus - Diagnosis

Vaginismus - Treatments

Vaginismus is treatable
Vaginismus is highly treatable and a full recovery from vaginismus is the normal outcome of treatment. Successful vaginismus treatment does not require drugs, surgery, hypnosis, or any other complex invasive technique. Following a straight-forward program, pain-free and pleasurable intercourse is attainable for most couples. 

It would be advisable to first see a doctor like a family physician or Gynaecologist to exclude medical conditions that can cause this condition. Patients with this condition can ask for referral to KKH Gynaecologist for further assessment. If found to have this condition the patient will then be treated at the KKH Sexual Health Clinic which is a multidisciplinary clinic run by physician, psychologist and physiotherapist. 

Vaginismus - Preparing for surgery

Vaginismus - Post-surgery care

Vaginismus - Other Information

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